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[Images Central]Fans of Image Comics who've been online awhile may already be familiar withImagesCentral.org, which was the go-to site for Image and Awesome Comicsfans from 1996-1999. In honor of Images Central's 6th anniversary, the sitehas been re-launched at ImagesCentral.com.

Greg Cioffi, the site's original developer and maintainer, has passed theownership of the site to Crawlspace, a company widely known for itscutting-edge comic fansites. "I'm completely in love with the next evolutionof Images Central," Cioffi says. "I couldn't be happier with what theCrawlspace guys have done with the site."

There's a lot more for fans to love -- as a part of the relaunch, the sitehas changed its focus from "Images" meaning "Image Comics art" to "comicartwork images." That means that Images Central is now in the process ofgrowing to encompass images from a wide variety of comic publishers.VExpansion, however, is a work in progress. "There's no question that we'reImage-title heavy," says Clay Loveless, Crawlspace CEO. "We've rolled all ofthe images we'd gathered up over the years on our separate fansites forImage books into the new Images Central. But we enjoy so many other comics,we decided we had to throw the doors wide open in order to have as much funas possible."

The scope of content isn't all that has expanded with the relaunch of ImagesCentral, either. Fans can now rank every image according to how much theylike one over another, and all images can be sent as "eGreetings-like"online postcards, which are called "icCards." Finally, the site offersnumerous customization features for frequent visitors in its "MyIC" section.

"We've heard from lots of fans who also use the site's search feature forresearch purposes," Loveless says. "Images Central has a pretty broad rangeof artists' work, spanning a wide time frame. The more images we add, themore valuable the site is as a resource for aspiring and veteran artists."

Visitors to the site are encouraged to contribute good quality images forareas of the site that aren't as filled out as some others. Contentcontributors can sign up on Images Central's Contributors page.

ImagesCentral.com features new images at least twice a day on weekdays, andonce a day on weekends.

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