10 Heroes You Wouldn’t Think Are Stronger Than The Hulk (But Actually Are)

Out of all superheroes both in DC and Marvel, the Hulk is usually the only one that requires no introduction to his powers. He's angry and he's strong but you don't need to read about that in order to find out. One look at his exaggerated caricature physique is enough to explain that he's made out of pure strength and durability.

For that matter, not many superheroes and supervillains can withstand the full might (and rage) of the Hulk. He's one of the most indomitable beings in comic books. Still, incredible as he might be, there are actually quite a handful of costumes more powerful or even stronger than him. Why one would think they aren't is due to the fact that they're not as popular as the green monster. Let's have a look at some of the best of them, shall we? For that sake of simplicity, we're comparing these heavy hitters against the regular Hulk, not Maestro and definitely not Worldbreaker Hulk; otherwise, there would be only 3 or 4 heroes in this list.

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Stan Lee Silver Surfer
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Stan Lee Silver Surfer

On the surface, Silver Surfer might actually look like he can't take on the likes of the Hulk but he's actually one of the few beings who can and have taken on baddies more powerful than the Hulk. One of the most notable villains he has defeated is his own boss, Galactus, a certified planet eater. Usually, the combined forces of the Avengers and other alien races are needed to defeat Galactus, that's how powerful it is.

If the Silver Surfer can do that, then defeating the Hulk is most definitely possible for him. Now, as for Hulk, strong as he may be, he still struggles facing cosmic-level beings. Silver Surfer is no exception. In fact, using the powers bestowed to him by Galactus, the Silver Surfer might even have the ability to reduce the Hulk back to Banner, therefore, ending the fight easily.


Speaking of aliens capable of beating the Hulk, DC has its own contender. Oh, and he's also green, the Martian Manhunter aka J'onn J'onzz. Even someone like Superman (who is clearly more powerful than the Hulk) has acknowledged that the Martian Manhunter was Justice League's most powerful member at one point.

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Knowing his powers, it's easy to see why the Kryptonian thinks that J'onzz is more powerful than him. Apart from his phasing and shapeshifting capability, the Martian Manhunter also has telepathy. On top of that, he also has the strength, speed, durability, endurance, and stamina to match Superman's. His only weakness is fire and last we checked, the Hulk wasn't that clever with tools.


Sentry is a lot more powerful than the Hulk and can even be more powerful than Thor but he can also be highly unstable and unhinged. When it comes to superpowers, it seems Sentry's writers went nuts with him. There's seems to be nothing he can't do (though he doesn't always know how to use his more powerful abilities). That in itself is surprising since you wouldn't expect some blond silver age-looking Chad-guy to be one of the most omnipotent beings in Marvel.

As for defeating the Hulk, Sentry has done this (sort of). When the Hulk became angry enough to evolve into his Worldbreaker variant, Sentry was the only one who managed to stop him. As such, we can assume that the regularly angry Hulk (excuse the odd combination of words) is no match against Sentry.


Sodam Yat as Ion

A human Green Lantern from DC would most likely be weaker against a more formidable green force which is the Hulk. However, Ion aka Sodam Yat is no regular homo sapien Green Lantern. He belongs to a race of pseudo-Kryptonians called the Daxamites whose planet, Daxam, was colonized by Kryptonians long ago.

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So, you can imagine that Ion is pretty much Superman with his own Green Lantern power ring. Of course, if a regular Superman is already too much for the regular Hulk, then a Kryptonian with a Power Ring would likely wipe the floor with him with the addition of a green mop construct to add insult to injury.


This is viable for the comic books to a certain degree and an absolute for the MCU. Captain Marvel (Carol Danvers) would easily defeat the Hulk in the MCU as that Marvel franchise branch has already established her as the most powerful Avenger even if she doesn't look like it. After all, she has taken on Thanos with a gauntlet.

Meanwhile, her comic book version would have to do a lot of preparation to be able to have a fighting chance against an enraged Hulk. She might have to absorb a godly amount of cosmic energy to transform into her binary form. This will put her on the same class as Thor or Hulk in terms of strength.


Here we have another contender from DC who looks like a pushover compared to the Hulk. Still, he is actually a lot more powerful than him. The Flash, regardless of whether it's Barry or Wally, can even defeat someone like Superman if he wanted to. A Speedster can easily tap into the Speed Force to go back in time and wreck stuff up before the fight can even begin (though this might have some bad effects on a timeline).

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If the Flash has to fight the Hulk without his cosmic treadmill, there's no way the Hulk can hit him. Meanwhile, the Flash can execute a special move called the "Infinite Mass Punch". This allows him to hit his target with as much mass as he likes by circling the Earth many times before landing the blow. The Flash is easily stronger than Hulk based on how creative and resourceful he is with his given powers.


Captain Universe Avengers Hickman run

Whoever Captain Universe is at any given moment changes depending on who the Universe wants to possess in order to have a physical manifestation. That's right, this superhero right here is the universe itself. Bet you didn't expect a universe to be stronger than the Hulk, did you?

In any case, Captain Universe taps into the universe's own force called Uni-Power. By default, this Uni-Power is spread out across all the regular beings of one universe in Marvel, basically their potential for heroism. When it does choose a host to manifest into, it becomes unstoppable. Even the Hulk is no match against the combined strength of the innumerable number of organisms with their powers combined into one individual. Lucky for him, the Uni-Power can't be abused or used for personal gain.


Again from DC is another being as omnipotent as Captain Universe from Marvel. Doctor Manhattan is a relatively fresh costume acquired by DC. He was originally from his own enclosed world in Alan Moore's The Watchmen graphic novel. His powers? Think of Captain Universe but on steroids and with free rein.

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Doctor Manhattan, however, is not someone who would openly boast with his powers. He prides himself as an architect of the multiverse and can easily be anywhere at any time. That means he could be fighting the Hulk while preventing Bruce Banner's gamma accident. Or he could simply disintegrate the Hulk atom by atom, no need for a fight.


Speaking of another doctor, Marvel's resident surgeon-turned-sorcerer is also someone who can take on the Hulk and win. Stephen Strange is no stranger to facing and defeating much stronger enemies using nothing but his knowledge of sorcery and cheaty magic and cosmic stuff. On one occasion, Strange has even transformed himself into a demon and held off the Worldbreaker Hulk.

That can only mean the regular Hulk is no match for Strange's full display of strength. Strange has too many tricks up his sleeve and even just one of them (time manipulation) would be enough for him to defeat the Hulk. He just doesn't reveal them all, making him look weaker than a straightforward rage monster. Ultimately, this makes Strange one of the top authorities and leaders of Earth given the scale of his powers along with the likes of Mr. Fantastic, Black Bolt, and Tony Stark.


Superman being more powerful than the Hulk is already a given. So, how does his cousin(s) fare? It's pretty close, especially if we're to compare the Hulk to Power Girl or the older (and more robust) version of Supergirl from an alternate universe. Supergirl, despite having pretty much the same powers as Superman is too inexperienced with them to confidently win against the Hulk.

Power Girl, however, is stronger than her younger counterpart. This was something Supergirl declared herself. Even Superman himself stated that Supergirl/Power Girl was stronger than he was at the same age. Power Girl shouldn't have a problem winning against the Hulk or going toe to toe with his Worldbreaker version.

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