Comic Dictionary - Uncolored

"Uncolored" is a phrase used to distinguish between books that use black & white as an artistic expression and those books that use black & white just because they cannot afford to color the book.

For instance, Kane is a black & white book.

Worldwatch #1 is an uncolored book.

It seems silly to me to refer to both books as using the same style of art, as they clearly are going for different approaches.

Like a Marvel Essential book. Those books are most definitely "uncolored" (as they are literally colored stories printed without colors). So they are going for a totally different approach than a Torso or Jinx.

Please note that I realize that even the books I refer to as "black & white" often made the decision to GO to black white because of the price factor.

The only difference is that the ones I call "black & white" EMBRACED the format and went with it, rather than just draw the same way they would draw a colored book...just uncolored.

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