Comic Creators & Stars Get Out The Vote On Election Day

As if you weren't already incredibly aware of the fact, today is election day in America. After over 500 days of campaigning, the finish line for the race to the White House is in sight as millions of Americans all over the country head out to their polling locations to make their voice heard. And yep, that includes the thousands of people that make the comics we all love month in and month out, as well as the actors, producers and directors that bring those stories to life on the big and small screen.

Considering just how much this campaign has dominated the news and popular culture over the last year and a half, it's no surprise that the conversation on a social media platform like Twitter has been taken over by talk of the election. People in the comic and TV/film industry are doing just what you're probably doing: they're voting, taking selfies with their "I Voted" stickers, urging their friends/fans/followers to get out and vote too.

Marvel stars like Chris Evans, Chadwick Boseman and Krysten Ritter got their stickers, as did DC/CW mega-producer Greg Berlanti and "Legends of Tomorrow" star Brandon Routh. And "Arrow" executive producer Marc Guggenheim and "Buffy" comic writer Christos Gage shared pics of themselves with nominee Hillary Clinton.

You can see dozens of election-themed tweets from members of the extended comic/pop culture family below, all arranged in alphabetical order. And if you haven't voted yet, there may still be time before your polling place closes! If you have questions about your polling place, you can find it at sites like I Will Vote, Vote411 or Google.

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