Comic Creators Make Their 2011 Picks

Sure, we've been talking a lot lately on CBR about how many great comics and big stories hit throughout 2010, but that doesn't mean we're not rip roarin' and ready to go in talking about everything on tap for 2011...and the biggest names in comics are right there with us.

Today, CBR News is happy to kick off a roundup of some of the biggest, most anticipated releases set to debut in 2011 as selected by marquee names from across the comics world. Below writers, artists, editors and publishers of all stripes weigh in on what books they can't wait to get their hands on from the incoming events at the mainstream genre houses through to the long-awaited graphic novels being prepped by some of the undisputed masters of the form.

So read on to see what Rober Kirkman, Warren Ellis, Jimmy Palmiotti, John Arcudi and many, many more have to say about what's got them excited for 2011!

Warren Ellis, Writer of "FreakAngels"

I believe Paul Pope has both "Battling Boy" and "Psychenaut" out in 2011, which right away makes it a banner year for me. I wonder if people have really grasped what an influential figure Paul's been.

Allan Heinberg, Writer of "Avengers: The Children's Crusade"

I'm very much looking forward to Geoff Johns and Andy Kubert's "Flashpoint," to the return of Mark Waid's "Ruse," and I confess I'm hoping 2011 finally brings us deluxe re-prints of Alan Moore and Neil Gaiman's work on "Miracleman."

Victor Gischler, Writer of "X-Men"

Really looking forward to the "Wolverine/Jubilee" mini from writer Kathryn Immonen and artist Phil Noto. Since I had a hand in vamping up Jubilee in the opening "X-Men" arc, I'm curious and excited to see where she goes from there.

"Fear Itself" will also kick major ass.

Robert Kirkman, Writer of "The Walking Dead" And "Invincible"

Thankfully, there's a lot to be excited about in 2011. I know personally I'm excited to see how "Walking Dead" Season 2 comes together and I'm stoked to finally get to share my new book "Super Dinosaur" with the world. Jason Howard and I are having the time of our lives on that book and I can't wait for people to see what we've done.

In other titles that I don't work on, "Witch Doctor," by Brandon Seifert and Lukas Ketner is something I've been looking forward to since I first saw their comic online.  True, it's going to be the first Skybound comic I'm not working on, but I can still plug it somewhat impartially.

"Savage Dragon" really kicked into overdrive this year with Larsen's "Emperor Dragon" storyline which is wrapping up soon (but I've already read the ending). It's without a doubt, the best Dragon story arc ever and totally made me fall in love with the title all over again. I've always maintained that it's my favorite comic of all time, and I'm dying to see what Erik has in store for us in 2011.

Image has a lot of great titles on the horizon that haven't been announced yet...I think people who thought we were coming on strong with buzz-worthy books like "Morning Glories," "Turf," "Chew," "Choker," "Skull Kickers" and "Hack/Slash" will be blown away by the new comics (emphasis on NEW) we're bringing out in the new year.

Over at the competition, I have to say "Venom" is a book I'm really looking forward to. Rick Remender has always been a solid writer back to his "Black Heart Billy" days and I love me some Tony Moore art.  So that's definitely a book I'll be picking up. I'll be checking out the All-Ages book "Takio" by Bendis and Oeming, I'm always looking for comics to read to my children. You can only read Chris Giarrusso's "G-Man" so many times no matter how awesome it is.  

The return of "Dark Horse Present" has me pretty jazzed, and David Finch's "Batman: The Dark Knight"...and isn't there a "Wednesday Comics 2" on the horizon? More "RASL"? More "Next Men"? More "Hellboy"? Like I say, a lot of things to look forward to in 2011.

Oh, and most of all, I'm looking forward to Jeph Loeb being a corporate suit and NOT writing many comics in 2011!  Actually, that's a joke, as much as I like to rib the old man in public, I read every damn comic he writes and as much as I want to see a new Hulk TV show, I wish the old bastard would do more comics as fun as his early "Hulk" issues.

And here's hoping we all meet our deadlines. The fans deserve it.

Jimmy Palmiotti, Writer of "Jonah Hex" And Editor For Kickstart Comics

2011 is the year me and my friends are putting out a number of one shots, a mini-series and an ongoing by the end of the year...as well as having 4 new series up and running for the bigger companies. What I am most looking forward to is getting Paul Pope's "Battling Boy" book in my happy little hands. I saw a sneak peek of this and I was instantly blown away! Its epic!

Also, Craig Thompson's next award-winning epic "Habibi"...which I also was lucky enough to see before it hits print. Craig is entering Will Eisner territory here, his art getting more expressive and lush with every project.

And last, i am looking forward to a year where the readers tastes mature a bit and they follow creators and stop blanket buying their books based on companies. Those days have to go away and new ideas in how to get books to the masses have to take a front seat. The 22-page comic has to move on, and the graphic novel has to become the only format for us.

John Arcudi, Writer of "B.P.R.D."

It's always hard to predict what I'll like in any coming year, but I think I have a couple of safe bets for 2011, comics-wise. First of all is Chris Schweizer's "Crogan's Loyalty," the third book in Schweizer's "Crogan's Adventures" series for Oni Press. I really loved both of the earlier books ("Crogan's Vengeans" and "Crogan's March") not only because they present wonderful stories, but because the history is so thoroughly researched. They have a great feel to them.

"Petrograd" by writer Philip Gelatt and artist Tyler Crook (also from Oni) is another graphic novel I'm really looking forward to. I've seen a few pages and they are so beautiful. I have no idea where this Tyler Crook guy came from, but I can't wait for this book to be published!

Billy Martin, guitarist of Good Charlotte, creator of the upcoming IDW series "Vitriol: The Hunter"

"Super Dinosaur"

Kirkman is on a roll these days, I can't get enough of his work! He manages to take all the biggest cliches in comics and make them so cool and believable.

"Fairy Quest"

Humberto Ramos's creator owned book that he's been talking about for a while. The idea mixes classic fairy tale characters, which sounds awesome. Plus his art is just too amazing!

"Vitriol: The Hunter"

Yeah, had to do it! This is my first big project. Ive been drawing my ass off trying to get this book out and it WILL come out in 2011! I'm very excited to debut the project.

"Bastion's 7"

This is a creator owned book by Sean "Cheeks" Galloway. He's had these characters and story for years and it's gonna see it's way into book form in 2011. I've seen some of pages, Sean is an amazing talent and this book will show it!

Chris Ryall, Editor-in-Chief of IDW

James Stokoe's "Orc Stain:: This Image book hooked me with its amazingly imaginative and detailed art style, and Stokoe (who's the writer/artist/colorist) put together a great story to go with it. I'll admit his visuals are what drew me in but the story kept me.

While they're not necessarily in need of more attention, any new Pantheon releases from Charles Burns and Dan Clowes are a good thing. I just read "X'ed Out," and it intrigued and disturbed me and made me want to see more, which is just what I want from a Burns book, so I'm anxious to see the next chapter. And I'm excited by any new Clowes book, like his coming "Mister Wonderful."

Creators I'm excited to see more from next year are Rafael Grampa, Scott Snyder, Jeff Lemire, any damned thing that J.H. Williams III and Zach Howard draw, Nick Spencer (why am I excited about a Jimmy Olsen one-shot? Why?! But I am), Jonathan Ross, Mike Carey, Nick Abadzis, Nick Gurewitch, Tom Beland, Alex Robinson... it's a long list, and this is definitely an incomplete rundown of names. I could go on and on and still leave off names of people I follow. But instead, I'll just mention one more: Mark Torres, who's doing a new "Zombie VS Robots" miniseries with me next year and is poised for greatness based on everything I've seen.

One last thing I'm excited about is from IDW. Well, there's a helluva lot we've got coming that I'm excited about, but I'm trying to keep this above-board and not just use this space for an IDW commercial. But I can't wait to see John Layman and Alberto Ponticelli team up on a "Godzilla" miniseries next year. That's right, I just threw a special announcement into this list of books to look forward to. Separate from the ongoing series we're launching with Powell and Hester, Layman and Ponticelli (along with cover artist Geof Darrow) are going to offer up their own "Godzilla" (And MOTHRA! And...) miniseries. And since "Chew" and "Unknown Soldier" were two of my favorite comics this year, I can't wait to see what they do together on this book.

It's not a self-serving mention if it's an exclusive announcement, right?

Happy new year, CBR!

Kody Chamberlain, Artist of "Sweets"

Bill Sienkiewicz let me flip through a huge stack of original art pages for "Daredevil: End of Days" (written by Brian Michael Bendis and David W. Mack, penciled by Klaus Janson, inked by Bill Sienkiewicz). I can tell you with out a hint of doubt that End of Days features some of the best comic book art I've ever seen. I do hope that book hits the shelf sometime this year. I'm not sure they even have a release date yet.

I've been a fan of Mike Huddleston's artwork for a long time, so I'm excited to pick up "Butcher Baker, the Righteous Maker" (written by Joe Casey). Looks like some of Mike's best work yet and the story concept is strange and intriguing, I'm dying to see more.

I'm also thrilled to hear "Dark Horse Presents" is returning to print since that was one of my entry points into comics as a reader back in the early 90's. I haven't seen much info except the return of Frank Miller's "300/Xerxes" and Paul Chadwick's "Concrete," but I think there's a lot of potential considering the history of that anthology.

Jim McCann, Writer of "Hawkeye & Mockingbird" and "Return of The Dapper Men"

Things I'm, looking forward to? I have to say it's shaping up to be a great year for comics and OGNs. "Morning Glories" has blown me away and I cannot WAIT to see where Nick Spencer takes that series next and what else he has up his sleeves. Trying to quantify the excitement I have for Bagley reuniting with Bendis on "Ultimate Spider-Man" is impossible - I am giddy. Yes, GIDDY! And Archaia's unproduced Jim Henson screenplay being adapted as an OGN first next year is thrilling. I'm a huge Henson fan and to see new material from his mind see the light of day 20+ years later is going to be great!

Janet Lee, Artist of "Return of The Dapper Men"

Trying not to get too lost in digging out the names of projects I've been hearing about and just shooting from the hip, as it were.

Eagerly awaiting "Gingerbread Girl" by Coleen Coover and Paul Tobin. Obviously the art and story will be fantastic. That's publishing next year through Top Shelf.

Archaia is releasing a graphic novel based on a lost script from Jim Henson - "Tale of Sand." It's Henson as we haven't really seen him before, and when I first head about it at SDCC, I remember thinking " This is one book absolutely everyone should have."

Lastly - not that it isn't already getting attention, but I CAN NOT WAIT for "Marvel's Zombie Christmas Carol" by Jim McCann. It's Dickens and Zombies and Jim McCann - guaranteed win!

Joshua Hale Fialkov, Writer of "Tumor"

MTV GEEK - So, this is shilling a bit, as I'm doing two books there, but, I have really high hopes for MTV Geek's creator owned comics line. They have the opportunity to present what we do as creators to a massive audience, and have made a huge committment to see it through. They may just have the clout to actually get non-comics readers to read comics. Fingers crossed.

DIGITAL - Look, we've not been doing great at digital thus far. Just about everyone who's tried has gotten some major part wrong. Great interface, poor selection. Great selection, horrible price point. And so on. 2011 is really it for us. Either we get behind the mule and set out path for the future, or, the burro'll ride off into the sunset without us. Everyone is so close to executing it just perfectly, that maybe, just maybe, this year we can get it done right.

SCOTT SNYDER PHIL HESTER AND JEFF LEMIRE - I couldn't think of three better guys to secretly and slowly take over the DCU. Each of them have impeccable story skills, proving themselves to be heads and tails above most of their contemporaries. I think once the three of them figure out that they've each been given keys to a pretty awesome kingdom and they should go batshit (pardon the pun) crazy with it, we're all in for a treat (and a DCU that makes all of us old school fans proud.)

SWEETS - Look, I've known Kody Chamberlain for nearly a decade now. I've seen him grow and change and turn into one of the best writer/artists in comics. The work he's done on "Sweets" has been nothing short of spectacular. He's working on a level that the rest of us can only dream of. Once the series wraps up and the TPB hits the stands, I've got a feeling the rest of the industry is going to shit their pants for him.

Filip Sablik, Top Cow Publisher


Ben McCool caught everyone off guard with how nuanced and smart "Choker" was in 2010 and his follow up series in 2011 is "Memoir." I don't know much more about it than what I've seen in the solicitations, but the idea of an entire town suffering from memory loss except for one guy who knows exactly what happened is really intriguing. Plus art by the excellent Nikki Cook and a cover by John Cassaday. Sounds like a winner to me!


J.H. Williams blew the doors complete off with his work on "Detective Comics," it was an artistic tour-de-force, a manual on smart, sexy comic story-telling and design. I can't wait to see what he does with Amy Reeder on "Batwoman" when he also has an opportunity to write. I'm expecting great things!


This one is a little bit of a cheat, but it is actually the series I'm most excited for in 2011. Not only am I excited as a publisher and editor to see how the rest of the story unfolds, because even with a big event as well planned as this one you get little surprises from the creators; but I'm most excited to see fans reactions to the story we are telling. It's been living in the minds of Ron Marz, Marc Silvestri, Matt Hawkins, Phil Smith and myself for the better part of two years and it's tremendously thrilling to see fan, reviewer, and retailer reactions to a series we've worked so hard on.

Close runner ups for me - Phil Hester at the helm of "Wonder Woman," anything by Sean Gorden Murphy, and  the return of Crossgen titles over at Marvel.

Marc Guggenheim, Writer of "Justice Society of America" and the incoming "Green Lantern" Movie

Well, I'd be lying if I didn't put the "Green Lantern" movie at the top of my list. It comes out June 17 and I hear only amazing things. While I'm shilling, I'd be remiss if I didn't also mention the two Image projects I'm involved in, "Halcyon" and "The Mission" by Jon and Erich Hoeber (writers of the "RED" movie) which will premier in February. I also can't wait for the publication - finally! - of "New Teen Titans: Games" and the continuation of the relaunch of "John Byrne's Next Men." Those are two projects that I never thought would see the light of day, and here they are. Everything old is new again.

Nathan Edmondson, Writer of "Who Is Jake Ellis?"

2011 promises to be an exciting year for comics - both on a personal and industrial level.

I'm thrilled to see Christian Ward on a new title; I've seen issue #1 of "The Infinite Vacation" and I fell in love with his art all over again. Christian and I having got our start together, seeing him working on a great book like that and getting published again is on one hand a bit like seeing an ex dating someone else, but on the other hand it's like having a good friend back in town after a move away. At any rate, his work I'll always look forward to.

I'm anxious for Robert Venditti's highly-anticipated "Homeland Directive." Although he may be there already, Rob is at least well on his way to being a comic titan.

Anything Greg Tocchini, Nathan Fox and Sean Murphy are working on.

On the home front, the biggest item for me right now is an ongoing. The art is really surpassing my expectations so far and the chemistry between myself and the as-of-now-unnammed-collaborator is downright near romantic it's so strong.  Near, I emphasize the "near" part.

I have also two other minis in development and one for which I'm currently scoping the right artist.  2011 promises at least a lot of work. Oh, and two US tours for me.

Fred Van Lente, Write of "Taskmaster"

People who complain there isn't enough mainstream advertising of comics will have something to talk about early in the year. It's a project I'm very honored to be a part of because it has the opportunity to expand the range of our market quite broadly.

Richard Starkings, Creator of "Elephantmen"

If anyone out there HASN'T checked out Ian Churchill's "Marineman," then they're missing out on "a great big smile in comic book form," as my "Elephantmen: Enemy Species" collaborator Boo Cook has put it...issue #2 comes out in the first week of January, and I can't recommend it highly enough. I'm also looking forward to "The Bulletproof Coffin" trade paperback by David Hine and Shaky Kane, collecting their weird and brilliant mini series from this year past.

I also dreamt last night that DC put out a two inch thick collection of the "Green Lantern" issues written by Len Wein and illustrated by industry giant, Dave Gibbons, inked by Mighty Mark Farmer from the 80's. The stories had been recoloured and the collection featured Dave's entire run.

I'd buy that.

Ryan Ottley, Artist on "Invincible"

First up for me would be Robert Kirkman and Jason Howard's book "Super Dinosaur." I'm really excited for this book, not just because these guys are my friends but because it's a book for a younger audience and I want more of those to read to my son, who is 5. There does seem to be lots of kid books but not many are very fun. So far "G-Man" is the #1 younger reader book for us, and we are also hoping more of that will come out too. So it's great seeing more good kid friendly books happen.

From Marvel I'm excited for more "OZ" books by Eric Shanower and Skottie Young, my son and I also love that stuff.

Image, more "Orc Stain" and more "Skullkickers." Also "Santa Claus vs Martians" - can't wait for those to come out. Hopefully Jason and I can find time for more "Bear and Shark." We'll see.

BOOM!, more "Traveler" and "Starborn."

IDW, I've been amazed at the quality of "Locke And Key," so yes, more, MUCH more of that please. Also "Parker" from Darwyn Cooke.

Probably much more I'm just not thinking of right now, but this is off the top of my head, the things I have most interest in.

Scott Tipton, Writer of "Star Trek: Khan: Ruling In Hell"

What am I looking forward to in comics in 2011?

IDW will be publishing brand-new "Rocketeer" comics by a murderer's row of great talents next year, and I can't wait to see those.

Also just announced from IDW was the return of "Fish Police," a '90s favorite of mine that I'm going to be delighted to see published in a complete collection.

Mariah Huehner, David Tischman and Elena Casagrande are bringing "Angel" to a spectacular conclusion in 2011, and I'm dying to see how it's all going to end. (And on a unabashedly self-promotional note, Elena and I will be finishing up our "Illyria" series in 2011 as well, and the collected edition of that is going to be a thing of beauty.)

My favorite new book of the year was Gage and McKone's "Avengers Academy," so I'm looking forward to a big year of surprises in those pages.

I don't know when it's happening, but James Robinson has mentioned in interviews that a new "Shade" miniseries is in the works. That's definitely top of my list.

And it may not strictly be comics, but how do you not love a year with "Green Lantern," "Thor" and "Captain America" movies all hitting theatres?

Tim Seeley, Creator of "Hack/Slash"

I'm looking forward to one of the industry's best, and ballsiest creators tackling an all-ages comic with Kirkman and Howard's "Super Dinosaur," which I think could remind us that kids do, in fact, love comics.

I think, generally, we're going to see a lot of shake ups in 2011, and in some ways, that's exciting, and in others, it's terrifying. I'm looking forward to a new audience for non-superhero, non-event driven comics, and what that will entail for a group of previously unknown creators, or ones that are underappreciated in the current market.

Most of all, I'm looking forward to returning to an ongoing "Hack/Slash" comic, and just being happy to do what I love.

Scott Allie, Editor at Dark Horse Comics

All I can think about right now is "Buffy Season 9" and "Angel." We'll be announcing things soon, and I'm totally preoccupied with these books. Also, there's something major coming in "Hellboy." So I unfortunately am not paying enough attention to anything beyond my own sandbox. I've gotta get caught up on Brubaker and Phillips' "Incognito," and I hope they have more "Criminal" in the new year. And we've got "Green River Killer" coming out later in the year - it's the book written by the son of the guy who brought the killer in, and it's an amazing story, a mix of autobio and true crime that creates a wholly unique comic. Also, I think "Hack/Slash" is going monthly, and now that Tim has a regular artist and a regular schedule, there's no end to the greatness he can do with that book. "Witch Doctor" should come out from Image soon, and I'll be excited to see how people react to that - it's been a small-press thing in the Portland area for a couple years, and I'm happy to see it getting a wide release. And Craig Thompson's book "Habibi" finally comes out, after many years in the works, and I'm sure that's gonna blow all our minds. That'll be the graphic novel event of the year.

Chris Weston, Artist on "The Twelve"

Comics I'm looking forward to in 2011?

Firstly, I'm eagerly anticipating the return of "Indigo Prime" in 2000AD, though not without a tiny element of nervousness. I co-created this series with one of all-time favourite writers, John Smith... and the lead characters, the time-traveling trouble-shooters, Winwood and Cord are very dear to my heart. Imagine my alarm upon hearing of their imminent return, only this time drawn by the incredible Edmund Bagwell, the bastard son of Jack Kirby and Brendan McCarthy. All memory of my tenure on the strip will soon be erased once the readers get a look at Edmund's art, I fear. But trust me, both John and Edmund are so talented, I guarantee I'll be able to detach myself emotionally and enjoy the return of "Indigo Prime" just as much as the average 2000AD reader. Probably more, in fact.

August, and the release of "Brian Bolland: Cover to Cover" can not come quick enough. There are very few fans of Mr. B's delicious line-work bigger than me and I've been demanding a collection like this for decades now. Obviously, I'd prefer him to be working on a sequential strip rather than just covers, and if it was "Killing Joke 2" even better. However, anything that puts another hardback packed with Brian's artwork on my shelf is more than okay with me. He's one of those artists who tempts me to buy multiple copies of the same work in order to psychologically compensate for the scarcity of his output... and to let me relive the sheer buzz of taking possession of his gorgeous product.

On a selfish note, I'll be looking forward to reading the remaining episodes of "The Twelve". I hope I won't be alone in that! Let's see if I can get it finished before Frazer Irving completes his work on "Gutsville", another series whose conclusion and collection I am eagerly awaiting.

And if we could get Alan Moore's "Marvelman" run and Steve Yeowell and Grant Morrison's "Zenith" back in print, that would be delightful too. Fingers crossed.

Tony Lee, Writer of "Doctor Who"

Things that I think deserve a wider audience...

1) Ben McCool and Nikki Cook's "Memoir," from Image Comics.

I've known both Ben and Nikki for a god knows how many amount of years now, and I've never seen either of them drop their game - and the thought of a comic by both of them is too good to even consider.

Both Ben and Nikki are being billed as 'exciting new talents', but the fact of the matter is that both of them have been around for several years doing absolutely stellar work - they're just not egotistical showboaters like yours truly here, and so you might have read work by either of them and simply not realised it, especially if you read Brian Wood's "DMZ" #41 in which Nikki knocked the artistic ball out of the park with her amazing pages.

But Ben is a twisted genius when it comes to creator owned work, his story "Choker" with Ben Templesmith is utter brilliance and if Memoir is anything like that? You're in for a ride. And while you're at it, buy "Choker" as well. I remember sitting in a New York bar with Ben as he outlined both these story ideas to me, and I remember even then, as Ben waved his hands manically, almost spilling his Guinness as he visually enacted a scene that if it was this good spoken? It's be awesome as a book. And with an artist as amazing as Nikki on art duties, you can't lose.

2) Dan Abnett & Andy Lanning's "Infestation" from IDW

I love multi-franchise crossovers. In the UK as a kid, I'd love it when Marvel UK printed stories where Doctor Who's Fourth Doctor met "Deaths Head," or hung around with the Transformers, I always enjoyed the DC / Marvel tales and regularly try to convince IDW to let me do a "Doctor Who / MacGyver" crossover. (Fun fact - if you're a publisher and you have the MacGyver license? I would WRITE IT FOR FREE.)

But recently, we've not had that many license cross overs, mainly because of the logistical nightmare of getting every single licensee to sign off on such a story. Enter "Infestation" and Andy Lanning. Oh, and number #43 of the Dan Abnett clones. A crossover where none of the main licenses meet, it's a story that links "Ghostbusters," "Star Trek," "G.I Joe," "Transformers" and IDW's own "Zombies & Robots." And with Dan and Andy writing it, you're safe in the knowledge that it'll be a solid, action packed comic every single time. And, more importantly it's a crossover that doesn't involve a hundred different titles and delays of several months while everything catches up, so that's a double win for me!

3) Now this is a tough one, because I was allowed to speak of something super exciting for me in 2011 as my third choice, and so far this is shaping up to be a massive year. So do I talk about "Doctor Who," being relaunched with a new #1 in January, or the two MTV comics I have the same month - "The Gloom" with Dan Boultwood, or "Agent Mom" with Dan, Ciaran Lucas and "Stargate Universe's" Alaina Huffman? Do I talk about "Excalibur: The Legend of King Arthur," the sequel to my award winning 2009 "Outlaw: The Legend of Robin Hood" book, out in March, drawn by the amazing Sam Hart? Or should I cut to the chase and talk about "Sherlock Holmes: The Baker Street Irregulars" - four books coming out in May 2011 from Franklin Watts / Hachette, drawn again by Dan Boultwood and edited by acclaimed "Sherlockian" Leslie S. Klinger? There are just so many... But... the winner...

Tony Lee & Dan Boultwood's "Danger Academy," from Kickstart

Dan Boultwood and I seem to be doing everything together at the moment, but it's purely because book publishers take longer than comic publishers to print comics, I swear. I'm really not making the poor sod draw every hour of the day just to feed my creative machine...I mean, I let him have Thursday nights to sleep.

"Danger Academy" was dreamed up a couple of years ago while we first started pitching "The Baker Street Irregulars" and was fleshed out in May when Hachette / Franklin Watts wanted a 'back up' to pitch in case "Baker Street" wasn't green lit. However it was, and Dan and I found ourselves with a fully fleshed out book, a story about a boarding school for children of famous secret agents and spies that, when invaded by enemy forces during parent's evening, have to take matters into their own hands and rescue everyone. Think "Spy Kids" if they lived in Hogwarts. And didn't do magic. And were cooler.

Jim Valantino, Creator of "Shadowhawk" and the Shadowline at Image

The latter part of 2010 was Shadowline's best two quarters ever! "Morning Glories" and "27" both sold out prior to release of every issue and we had to go into multiple printings to meet the demand. And, we couldn't be more excited about 2011.

We have "The Infinite Vacation" by Nick Spencer and Christian Ward debuting in January. This is a smart, sophisticated look at alternate realities like you've never seen before and is Nick's first new series since taking the world by storm with "Morning Glories."

Our "Cowboy Ninja Viking" team splits up to give us two new projects; writer AJ Lieberman joins artist Nick Thornborrow on an original crime graphic novel, "Term Life," while Riley Rossmo teams with writer Kurt Wiebe ("Rat Bastard") for a new five issue series, "Green Wake."

Then there's the full color 3-D one-shot, "Captain Wonder" by Brian Haberlin and Philip Tan, new "Bomb Queen" including the long awaited team-up with Tim Seeley's "Hack/Slash," more "Morning Glories" goodness, a new top secret Ted McKeever project and a sequel to "27." Plus we hope to announce no less than three feature films in the coming months.

I've never felt better about the company, what we're doing, where we're going and the caliber of talent we're bringing to the table. 2011 will be a watershed year for Shadowline and my editor, Jade Dodge and I can't wait!

Check back tomorrow for more 2011 picks from the biggest names in comics including Jeff Lemire, Skottie Young, Paul Pope and MORE!

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