Comic Couture | Tony's gift to Steve, <i>Super Best Friends Forever</i> shirts and more

"Take away the suit of armor and what are you?" "Uh, genius, billionaire, playboy, philanthropist."

You too can join the G.B.P.P. Club, courtesy of artist Ryan Astle and TeeFury. Memberships are only available to Tony Stark's very exclusive organization (even more exclusive than the Avengers, who will let anybody in) for 24 hours, so buy it now if you want it. " I imagine Tony giving Steve this shirt as a gag gift at Christmas," Astle said.

Maybe your allegiances run a little less pretentious billionaire and a little more Super Best Friends Forever. Via DC Women Kicking Ass, Hot Topic now has shirts sporting the gals from DC Nation's Super Best Friends Forever shorts. The cartoons have proven pretty popular--some fans are even asking, nay, demanding they be given a full half hour--so I'm sure the shirts will prove to be a hot item as well.

And finally, this Wonder Woman jumper seems like something we may have blogged about before ... but it didn't come up in my search and apparently we don't have a knitting tag (or at least we didn't until this post went live.) You can find the pattern here, although the creator note sit is "more of a recipe than a pattern." Still, it's pretty cool.

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