Comic Couture | Super embarrassing, back to the DMZ and more

Back in July Michael linked to a couple of shirt designs by Kerry Callen (one of our favorites) that were up on Threadless for scoring. Both were eventually printed by Threadless; the female version was available in limited quantities at the Cincinnati Comic Expo, while the male version is available now on the Threadless site.

Brain Wood's Northern Boy T-shirt line is back in business, and he recently added two shirts that would be of interest to DMZ fans -- an "Inspired by Matty" press T-shirt, and an "Inspired by Zee" Union Jack muscle shirt. He's got both of them, plus more shirts, books and original art, at the Northern Boy shop.

I'm not sure what to call these recent shirts from WeLoveFine.com ... "minimalist masks," maybe? In any event, look stylish in a Simple Wolverine, Simple Iron Man and Simple Captain America shirts.

And finally, Shirts for a Cure, a nonprofit that sells music shirts to raise money to fight breast cancer, will have a booth at the New York Comic Con next week and will sell several con-exclusive shirts. They include the above SHIELD-related shirt, an official Hellboy one and a cool Savior 28 design by Mike Cavallaro. They have several more science fiction-themed shirts up on their Facebook page. If you're going to the con next week, they'll be at booth #1003.

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