Comic Couture | More manatees, nose-art pinups and Spoon!

I've got a few different comic-related shirts to show you today, and I'll start with today's TeeFury selection since it's only available for 24 hours. If you're a fan of the big blue justice-loving Tick, head over there and snatch up today's $10 T-shirt while you still can.

Next up, if you liked the superhero manatee images that Kevin linked to earlier in the week by artist Joel Micah Harris, good news--you can also wear them. Harris has T-shirts featuring the noble beasts for sale on Red Bubble.

Speaking of Red Bubble, here's another one I saw over there that I dig--a Captain America/Converse mash-up. It's a shirt rather than a shoe, but hey--give it time.

And finally (heh), WeLoveFine.com has added several "classic nose-art pinup styles" by artist Timothy Lim featuring Marvel heroines. Above is She-Hulk, and you can also find Rogue, Mary Jane Watson and more. WeLoveFine is also in the middle of their Marvel villains design-a-shirt contest; you can vote for your favorites from all the entries they received here.

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