Comic Couture | Cyclops was right, Bat eyegear and more

If you're a Cyclops fan and still smarting from the end of Avengers vs. X-Men, WeLoveFine.com has a constructive way to express your anger--at least more constructive than, say, unleashing a Sentinel or something. They received a ton of requests for a "Cyclops was Right" shirt (a la their "Magneto was Right" shirt) and were able to turn one around fairly quickly.

Speaking of WeLoveFine.com, they've also recently added some new shirts based on Jeffrey Brown's wonderful Darth Vader & Son book. The theme of the book and the shirts is basically "What if Darth Vader raised Luke Skywalker and did all sorts of father-son activities with him?"

The culture phenomenon known as The Walking Dead continues to rule the sales charts, the TV screen and your chest--Jinx.com still has several shirts available featuring art from the comics. I believe these were part of the issue #100 celebration from this past summer, but if you missed them the first time like I did, they're new to us.

Earlier this week I linked to the Spider-Man "Archenemies" T-shirt design contest going on over at Threadless. They've got more than 40 submissions that are now up for voting, so head over there and see which ones float your boat ... or spin your web, or something something Spider-Man-related.

These Punisher shirts--"Punishirts"--at The Hundreds are a bit out of what I'd usually spend on a T-shirt, but that doesn't mean they aren't cool. Especially the white one above, and all the ones featuring Mike Zeck's covers from the original Punisher miniseries. Mike Zeck!

I had Lasik a few years back so I'm no longer in the market for contact lenses, but if you're looking to finish off your Batman costume for Halloween, these might do the trick.

And finally, I think at some point in my blogging life I've linked to these before ... and I don't think they're officially Batman clothes pins, but hey, who says you can't pretend? It looks like they are sold out from their home site, but you can find a couple at Amazon ... no doubt Alfred has the run on them.

(Hat tip this time: Mark Kardwell)

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