Comic Couture | Calvin and Hobbits, Green Lantern math and more

Four entries this time that I've been saving up for a not-so-rainy day ...

First up this round is the above shirt from Threadless, generically named "Halfling and Wizard." Any similarities to trademarked characters is purely coincidental.

Fans of TV's The Big Bang Theory might recognize this one, as the character Sheldon wore it on an episode earlier in the season. Honestly I'm not sure what it means, as I don't know what the guitar pick thing in the first panel is supposed to represent. Maybe a dead alien? Anyway, if you're smarter than I am, you can find this one exclusively at The Comic Center of Pasadena.

WeLoveFine.com recently held a design-a-Scott Pilgrim-shirt contest, and they've announced the winners ... which include the above Sex Bob-Omb shirt. You can find all the winners here.

And finally, Kitson has introduced a whole line of official The Dark Knight Rises T-shirts, featuring Batman, Bane and Catwoman. They're a little pricey for me, but they do look cool.

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