Comic Couture | A Game of Loki, frozen Cap and more

Artistic mash-ups are all the rage these days; if you like My Little Pony and you like Neil Gaiman's Sandman, then you'll love Death as a My Little Pony. A lot of these mash-ups find their way to T-shirts, like the above Game of Heroes, available on the RIPT T-shirt site for the next 12 hours. If you like Game of Thrones and you liked Avengers, then in theory I guess this is the perfect shirt for you. In theory.

Speaking of one-day-only T-shirt sales, today's TeeFury shirt isn't so much a mash-up of two different pop culture properties, but if you're a fan of 300 or just bad-ass fighters, you may enjoy Spartan Academy. Do they offer scholarships?

The last two shirts I have for you today both jumped out at me for nostalgic reasons. The first, New Mutants vs. Hellions, is actually made up of artwork from the covers to New Mutants #47 and #48 by John Tyler Christopher. The storyline features the return of the Hellions, the former high school rivals of Dani and co. who were taught by Emma Frost back in the day.

And finally, who can forget buying a Rocket Pop from their neighborhood ice cream truck with the money they made mowing the lawn? Capsicle, featuring a frozen Captain America, is the perfect blend of nostalgia and cleverness. Combining the first Avenger with the classic Rocket Pop frozen treat, it's the perfect shirt for a hot summer day.

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