Comic-Con won't hold a badge resale this year

If you had pinned your hopes of attending Comic-Con International on the annual resale of refunded or unallocated badges in June, we have some bad news: There won't be one.

Convention organizers announced this morning that, "due to an extremely low rate of refunds and cancellations this year," they're simply unable to hold a resale.

No further explanation offered, but it's easy to speculate that the elimination of four-day passes may have contributed to the scarcity of cancellations, as attendees were we able to purchase badges only for the days they need -- rather than snatching up the discounted four-day pass -- permitting more people to attend each day.

Badges sold out in less than 90 minutes on March 15, with Preview Night, Friday and Saturday disappearing within an hour.

Comic-Con will be held July 24-27 in San Diego.

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