Comic-Con volunteer attracts controversy with inflammatory Ferguson tweets

UPDATE 11/25/2014 3:25 PM PT: A Comic-Con International representative has provided CBR News with the following statement:

There is no excuse for offensive or threatening behavior. The fact that it comes from a purported member of our committee is clearly upsetting. Even though we cannot control what an individual says, we can address issues that have a direct effect on our organization or persons affiliated with our organization. We would also like to mention this individual no longer holds a volunteer position with our association. We encourage any individual who feels threatened by these comments or others to seek assistance from law enforcement.

The reaction to the announcement Monday night that a grand jury chose decided not to indict Ferguson, Missouri, police officer Darren Wilson in the shooting death of unarmed 18-year-old Michael Brown sent thousands to social media to voice their feelings on the decision. Within the comics industry, much of the discussion on Twitter has involved a self-identified Comic-Con International volunteer known as "Bill in San diego," who has posted a series of inflammatory and disturbing tweets.

Michael brown is dead. A thug is dead. A good cop goes home. I'm good with it. Fuck Brown. He was a thug. He got his just reward.

— Bill in San diego (@BillntwrkBill) November 25, 2014

Let's all celebrate a cop that killed a thug. Thank you, officer. You killed a thug that might have assaulted me. Brown is dead. Yay. Thank — Bill in San diego (@BillntwrkBill) November 25, 2014

Michael Brown was a thug. He got Justice A bullett. American Justice. . 38 cents — Bill in San diego (@BillntwrkBill) November 25, 2014

When reached for comment by CBR News, a Comic-Con International representative responded, "This matter has been brought to our attention and we may be able to comment later in the day."

The fact that the tweets were coming from someone claiming to be involved with the highest-profile and most influential North American comic book convention (his Twitter bio states he's a "Comic Con Regular Committee member"), quickly attracted the attention of members of the comics industry. When engaged, Bill's responses were peppered with vulgar threats:

@kevinbrettauer you want a piece of me? I'm an honest volunteer so, Yer golden. But dude, if I find you, I'll fuck Ya. Truth.

— Bill in San diego (@BillntwrkBill) November 25, 2014

Others were flat-out confrontational:

@schweizercomics @gimpnelly No threats ass whipe. Just a clear declaration that yer a punk.

— Bill in San diego (@BillntwrkBill) November 25, 2014

When asked about his level of involvement with Comic-Con, "Bill in San Diego" has made it clear he's a volunteer, not a paid employee, and that he doesn't think his status with the event will be threatened by his actions on social media:

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