Comic-Con Delays Ticket Sales

With the anticipation and preparation for fans attending Comic-Con International in San Diego each year becoming something of a non-stop concern, the giant comics and pop culture event has a few "can't miss" dates on its pre-show calendar, from the annual release of hotel rooms to a graduated offering of ticket sales. This morning, the latter category hit a rough spot after the 2011 edition of Comic-Con's Four-Day pass sale had to be scuttled due to technical issues shortly after its launch.

"We don't know [what went wrong,]" Comic-Con Director or Marketing and Public Relations David Glanzer told CBR News. "What ended up happening is that everything went live at 9:00 Pacific time, and we noticed on our end that stuff was overloaded. Our website was overloaded, but more importantly the registration link [made it so] we couldn't get through. We were able to get our website back up fairly quickly, I think, but that didn't help, because people still couldn't register through our registration company. After a period of time and discussions with them, we decided to go ahead and close down registration, and we'll announce next Monday, on the eighth, when, exactly, registration will reopen."

Glanzer went on to explain that very few tickets were sold through the system this morning. "This week will give us an opportunity to try and figure out exactly what went wrong, because as it stands now, only a handful of people were able to buy badges. I think there was a 13% indicator on our website, but that 13% was reflective of the badges already sold [at the show this summer]. That wasn't from any sales today."

Overall, the organization hopes to get the system up and running as soon as possible, though fans will be able to re-prepare for the sale once a new date is announced on November 8. As for what stopped the system from working this morning, he said, "That's one of the things we're trying to find out. Right now, everyone is focused on trying to find out what the exact issue is. We're going to have answers, and they're working on it right now. I don't think I can apologize more to people who have been waiting for today only to be met with this. We really are apologetic, but the easiest thing to do right now is just shut it down and try to figure out what those problems are so when we come back it'll be easier."

Comic-Con International 2011, in its continued home of San Diego, CA, is set for July 20 through 24 next summer.

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