Comic Books Take the Spotlight at E3

If this year's Electronic Entertainment Expo proves anything, it's that comic book characters are hot commodities. Several superhero games, including releases from Marvel, DC and Dark Horse, should be hitting the stores in the next year or two.

Activision held the record for superhero games, with "Ultimate Spider-Man," "X-Men Legends 2" and "Fantastic Four" all on display. VU Games bowed "Hulk 2," while Electronic Arts debuted "Marvel Nemesis: Rise of the Imperfects," which recently had it's tie-in comic published.

The only DC Comics property in sight was EA's "Batman Begins" tie-in, which had the Batmobile/Tumbler sitting in the Los Angeles Convention Center.

However, representatives from Dark Horse Comics were on hand to promote Funcom's upcoming "Age of Conan" massively multiplayer action/role playing game. They were also passing out free copies "Conan the Legend" #0.

Also on hand was PlayNC's follow up to the hit MMORPG "City of Heroes," "City of Villains." There was no sign of the Top Cow tie-in comic, however.

Despite being the big news at the show, there isn't much to be seen of any of the new consoles. Several game companies are showing video of games for Xbox 360, but nothing playable. PS3 footage is even more limited, and appeared to be pre-rendered footage for a future Koei game. The Nintendo Revolution has been totally absent from the main E3 floor.

Perhaps the most interesting thing about this year's E3 is the number of games featuring actors reprising roles they played years ago. Midway announced that Chow Yun Fat is once again playing, in digital form, Inspector Tequila, the character he played in "Hard Boiled," in John Woo's "Stranglehold." James Caan, Robert Duvall and Marlon Brando, in his last acting work before he died, are reclaiming their roles from "The Godfather" in EA's adaptation of the movie. The only reason Al Pachino isn't in the game is because he's playing Tony Montana in the "Scarface" game for VU Games.

Perhaps most interesting of all, James Bond returns in "From Russia With Love," with Sean Connery reclaiming the role he made famous. Of course, it will be 2005 era Connery voicing 60's era Bond, but it is something game fans have been asking for since "Goldeneye" first hit the Nintendo64.

Look for more from the show, including details on "Ultimate Spider-Man" and "X-Men Legends II" a bit later here on CBR.

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