Comic Books Used For Smuggling Drugs By International Ring


Australian police have discovered an international operation that used hollowed-out comic books to illegally transport drugs from the United States to Australia. They seized three kilograms of methylamphetamine in the bust.

According to ABC, the amount of drugs seized is worth over $1 million. The six-month investigation ended with detectives from Operation Romeo Vigilant raiding nine properties across several Gold Coast towns.

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Described as the "ringleader of the group," a 49-year-old Gold Coast man allegedly arranged the drug operation, traveling to the U.S. over 12 times since October 2018. He worked with a group of nine others, who were also charged.

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"We think it is coming from southern California, and as you'll appreciate, that is very close to the international borders of Mexico and such," Detective Inspector Brendan Smith said. He mentioned they are working with Homeland Security and local American police to take legal action on the charged individuals.

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The group was charged with a list of 40 crimes, including trafficking and supplying dangerous drugs, money laundering, importing a border restricted drug, possession of dangerous drugs, stealing, possession of drug utensils and possession of proceeds of a drug offense.

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