Comic books as investments; the 'Latino-ness' of DC's Vibe

Comics | The Wall Street Journal takes a look at comics as investments. Interestingly, while the rare, old issues bring in the big money, some more recent comics, like the first issue of Saga, have appreciated quite a bit. There's also an accompanying video. [The Wall Street Journal]

Retailing | ComicsPRO, the comics retailers' association, held its annual meeting over the weekend in Atlanta, where the group bestowed its Industry Appreciation Award on Cindy Fournier, vice president of operations for Diamond Comic Distributors. Thomas Gaul, of Corner Store Comics and Beach Ball Comics in Anaheim, California, also was elected as president of the board of directors. [ComicsPRO]

Comics | College professor Frederick Aldama discusses the "Latino-ness" of Vibe and how the current incarnation differs from earlier versions of the character. [Fox News Latino]

Creators | Tom Spurgeon interviews Richard Sala about his work, including Cat Burglar Black, The Hidden, and Delphine. [The Comics Reporter]

Creators | Ivan Brunetti talks about his depression and how it has affected his work, waxes poetic about the sensory environment of Chicago, and names some emerging cartoonists that are worth a look. [Chicago Weekly]

Manga | I talked to Tokyopop CEO Stu Levy about the factors that led to the rise — and fall — of Tokyopop, and how the publisher not only helped popularize manga but also changed the American comics scene as a whole. [MangaBlog]

Manga | Ryan Homlmberg explains the significance of Osamu Tezuka's New Treasure Island, one of the most important manga of the 20th century. [The Comics Journal]

Conventions | Tara Jeffrey reports in on the Sarnia Pop Culture Show, the first comic con ever for the Ontario city. [The Observer]

Retailing | Comic Fusion is one of several Hunterdon, New Jersey, businesses that has moved to larger quarters lately because of an improving economy. [NJ.com]

Awards | Nominations are now open for the British Comics Awards. [BCA]

Awards | It's not the Oscars, but Rene Guzman dishes out the Commies, his own personal awards for great moments in comics over the past year. [Comic Geek Speak]

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