Comic Book Urban Legends Revealed #9!


Writer DG Chichester followed Ann Nocenti on Daredevil, and had an interesting run.

He brought the character back to his New York City roots, and his Last Rites storyline with artist Lee Weeks was pretty good.

Later on, working with artist Scott McDaniel, Chichester made the controversial move of both A. Bringing Elektra back from the dead and B. "Killing off" Matt Murdock and giving Daredevil a new armored costume and a new secret identity, Jack Batlin.

With issue #332, Chichester took a break from the book, and writer Gregory Wright did a fill-in arc for the next five issues. Chichester was to return after the arc.

However, the name DG Chichester would not appear in the credits of Daredevil again until the very last issue of Daredevil Volume 1 (#380).

What happened?

Well, during the fill-in arc (late 1994), Marvel had an in-company shake-up. Tom DeFalco was removed as Editor-in-Chief, and instead of naming a successor, Marvel named five separate "Editor-in-Chiefs," each of whom was given a certain amount of titles to be in charge of.

Bob Harras kept the X-Men book, Mark Gruenwald got Marvel Heroes, Bob Budiansky got Spider-Man, Carl Potts got the Licensed Books and Alternaverse books (books that fell in the cracks), and Bobbie Chase got "Marvel Edge."

"Marvel Edge" was basically throwing together all of Marvel's "edgier" titles, like Hulk, Punisher, Ghost Rider, and yes, Daredevil.

Not much of a theme between the bunch, but that was what Marvel said must be.

Well, Bobbie Chase did not want DG Chichester to write Daredevil (for whatever reason), so she went out and got a new writer.

The thing is, Chichester was already working on his upcoming issues, and Chase did not want him to know that after those issues were done, a new writer would be taking over.

Someone secretly let Chichester in on this, and as a protest, he insisted that his name be taken off these remaining issues.

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