Comic Book Urban Legends Revealed #80


As controversial and politically charged as the Supreme Court's 1973 decision in Roe v. Wade is TODAY, more than thirty years later, you can only imagine how charged the issue was back in 1973, when the issue was just being decided.

Interestingly enough, comic books were used to sway the public, and by BOTH sides of the issue!

Again, we turn to comic book historical oddities expert, Ethan Persoff, who discovered these two comic books at his site here.

The first, courtesy of the then-two-month-old organization, Right to Life, was, at the time, the largest anti-abortion handout ever, is titled "Who Killed Junior?"

I will leave you to click on the link above if you want to see the actual comic, but a quick description is that it opens with a summary of the development of a fetus and then with the various methods of aborting the fetus. It is fairly graphic.

Here is a basic sample of what the pages are inside...

The counterpoint comic book, Abortion Eve, was an independent comic produced by Chin Lyvely and Joyce Sutton...

It involved various debates over the issue as well as tips on what you can expect during an abortion.

Here is a sample page (again, always feel free to visit Persoff's site to see the full book):

Pretty heady stuff, eh?

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