Comic Book Urban Legends Revealed #76

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Let's begin!

COMIC URBAN LEGEND: Marvel had another cross-promotion superhero/singer in the 90s.


As mentioned in a previous Comic Book Urban Legends Revealed installment, Marvel Comics created Dazzler as a cross-promotion with Casablanca Records, with the intent being to launch the hero along with a disco singer with the same name.

The actual singer idea fizzled out, but the idea was revisited during the early 90s, in the person of Jacqueline Tavarez. The model/singer dressed up as "Nightcat," and in 1991, Marvel released a one-shot comic book starring the hero!

The plot of the comic involved a young woman whose police officer father forbade her to become a singer. So she decided to take a nod from superheroes, and invent a secret identity, Nightcat, that she could perform under.

She became a huge success, but soon found herself caught up in the designer drug business, where she was injected with a mysterious drug that could give humans animal characteristics.

The drugs gave her the powers of a cat, including razor sharp claws and night vision.

Everybody's pal, Kevin Church, has a humorous examination of the comic book here, including how darn similar this idea was to the film Catwoman (the scans from the comic are also courtesy of Kevin).

Tom Brevoort discussed his involvement with the comic here.

However, guess who WROTE the comic book?

None other than Stan the Man, himself!

Stan and Nightcat appeared together on Into the Night with Rick Dees, and Nightcat performed on Nia Peebles and the Dance Machine!

Nightcat's album was released in early 1991 as well, from RCA records. I do not know anyone who has ever heard it. 8 cool points to anyone who can lend me a copy!

Here is Ms. Tavarez in her full Nightcat regalia, courtesy of an issue of Marvel Age of the time. She looks like she's drawn by Frank Miller!

All I know of Ms. Tavarez since then (and the only thing on her imdb page) is that she was in Tromeo and Juliet, where she apparently appeared topless. I will not link to that, of course, but the joy/ridiculousness that is the internet means that a simple google search will provide them. You don't even have to type anything but her name, sadly.

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