Comic Book Urban Legends Revealed #75


When Dave Cockrum sat down with Len Wein to develop the characters who would be members of the new X-Men, Cockrum used a number of characters he had already designed.

When it came to Storm, the character who became Storm was originally a number of Cockrum character designs...

First, there was Trio and Quetzal, who Cockrum took their looks and gave it to a character named Black Cat, who could shapeshift.

Then there was a character named Typhoon, who controlled the weather.

Cockrum and writer Len Wein decided to merge the two, and suddenly "Black Cat" had the weather powers that Typhoon had. A slight change in the costume, a cape and a new white hairdo, and thus, Storm was born!!

Reader The Unnamed One describes the combination thusly...

That makes Storm an amalgam of no less than FOUR previous Cockrum creations!

1. Trio's ethnicity, headdress and gem-clasped cape2. Quetzal's eyes and flowing hairstyle (not counting the color)3. Black Cat's ethnicity, main "bathing suit" costume piece and thigh-high boots4. Typhoon's powers and flowing long cape

But wait, there's more! Dave also did a redesigned costume for Marvel Girl - at the same time as he did the Black Cat design - which included a cape attached to bracelets as well as having a gem-clasp. Sound familiar? That adds character FIVE to Storm's original design!

5. Marvel Girl's new (unused) costume's bracelet-attached, gem-clasped cape

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