Comic Book Urban Legends Revealed #65


In a discussion awhile ago on USENET, when Avengers #4 was still recent, and there was much "to do" over Carol Danvers' decision to name herself Warbird, a poster (Andy Sheets) commented,

If I remember correctly, the name Busiek actually wanted was Nemesis but the X-office is apparently in control of that name right now and wouldn't let him have it.

Busiek replied with a very informative response,

So while yes, the name was being considered, it was never to the point where the X-Office had to tell Busiek no. For the record, the X-Office was using the name at the time because I guess they thought that their Age of Apocalypse character Holocaust had a poor name, so were going back to calling him Nemesis (his name before being called Holocaust).

That name change, like Warbird, did not last too long, as he's called Holocaust again, and Carol is back to Ms. Marvel.

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