Comic Book Urban Legends Revealed #52!

This is the fifty-second in a series of examinations of comic book urban legends and whether they are true or false. Click here for an archive of the previous fifty-one.

This is a big one! A full YEAR! Who would have thought, when this began, that it would last a whole year! I know I sure didn't! I thought I'd run out of material after the first twelve or so. And I don't mean installments, I mean urban legends!

Anyhow, to celebrate a year's worth of Urban Legends Revealed, I have some special urban legends for you this week, courtesy of some of the coolest creators in comics today!

Let's begin!

COMIC URBAN LEGEND: Will Pfeifer was briefly married to actress Michelle Pfeiffer


In the late '80s, Hollywood superstar Michelle Pfeiffer and the current writer of Catwoman were a common sight at Hollywood premieres, supermarket openings and glitzy nightclubs.

After meeting during the filming of Married to the Mob (Pfeifer had a bit part as a mob-killed corpse that was cut from the final print), the two had a whirlwhind romance and married on New Year's Eve, 1989.

The marriage fell apart after the release of Batman Returns in 1992, when Pfeiffer felt the writer's constant "suggestions" about how she should play the character of Catwoman became annoying. In a strange legal twist, Pfeifer was forced to change his name after the divorce, and dropped one of the F's.

When asked about the relationship, Pfeifer said

I'd really rather not talk about it, but I will say this -- she let me keep the cat suit. Ah, memories.

Check out Will Pfeifer's blog here. And read Catwoman! The Pfeifer pic is from a signing at Al n' Ann's Collectibles Pfeifer did with Mark Ricketts!

COMIC URBAN LEGEND: Matt Fraction once took a restraining order out against Ed Brubaker.


Relative newcomer and internet loudmouth Matt Fraction once took a restraining order out against seasoned industry vet Brubaker, after the latter mugged the former and took his wallet!

The two writers were, oddly enough, both students at Crawford High School in San Diego at the same time-- Brubaker a senior while Fraction was but a lowly freshman.

Brubaker was very much in his "Lowlife" phase and Fraction was very much a fat and, by his own admission, annoying nerd. Brubaker, who routinely terrorized underclassmen at Crawford, one day punched Fraction so hard he broke his jaw.

Asked about the incident, Fraction had this to say,

Look, having your jaw broken isn't funny.

Cops were called, an arrest was made, and while charges were dropped after Brubaker's parents covered the medical expenses, Fraction refused to return to school until Brubaker was legally compelled to stay away from lil' ol' Matty-fatty. Word is this was the start of Brubaker's interest in law and order, whereas Fraction remains incapable of keeping his big mouth shut.

Reintroduced at San Diego in 2005, Brubaker and Fraction tenuously patched things up. Go Colts!

Check out Matt's website here. And read Five Fists of Science and Casanova!

Taking a break from the absurd, for those fans of "actual true stories," we have the following, courtesy of Jeff Parker

COMIC URBAN LEGEND: A Batman story Jeff Parker drew was pulled by DC just before it went to press because Batman was having a great time with the ladies.


Here's how it shook down, according to Parker,

Check out Jeff's website here. And read Marvel Adventures: Avengers and Agents of Atlas!

Well, that's it for this week, thanks for stopping by! And thanks for stopping by this whole past year! It's been fun! Next week, we'll be back to, you know, ACTUAL urban legends!

Feel free to drop off any urban legends you'd like to see featured!!

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