Comic Book Urban Legends Revealed #34!


In 1993, DC was seeing first hand the benefits of "event-driven" stories. They were having their best sales in YEARS with their Knightfall event in the Batman titles and their Death of Superman/Reign of the Supermen/Return of Superman event in the Superman titles.

Therefore, in late 1993, DC decided to turn their attention to Green Lantern. At the time, the Green Lantern titles were selling moderately well, enough to support a regular title and TWO spin-offs (Guy Gardner and Green Lantern Corps Quarterly). However, sales had begun to go down the last couple of years (from the high point of early 1992), and DC thought it time to shake things up.

Their plan? Turn Hal Jordan into an antagonist, get rid of the Green Lantern Corps and the yellow impurity and introduce a brand new Green Lantern!

Writer Gerry Jones was willing to do as DC asked, and crafted a story along these lines, although with Hal Jordan as more of an anti-hero than a villain.

However, Jones' story just did not go far enough for Editor Kevin Dooley (and presumably his higher-ups), so even though Jones' #48 and 49 were SOLICITED already (solicitation scans courtesy of the Continuity Pages)...

DC still scrapped the storyline. They then hired a new writer, Ron Marz, to craft the new story, and took a month off to catch up on the time they lost.

Ultimately, Marz' new Green Lantern series increased sales significantly, so from that perspective, the change seemed to be a success. Story-wise? You be the judge!

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