Comic Book Urban Legends Revealed #29!


Rarely does a non-creator-owned book, in this day and age, becomse so synonymous with one creator as much as Untold Tales of Spider-Man did with Kurt Busiek. In the 90s, other than James Robinson's Starman and Peter David's Hulk, very few others stand out.

Therefore, it is quite surprising to note that Kurt Busiek was NOT the first choice to write Untold Tales of Spider-Man, but rather, got the job as the original choice for the book, Roger Stern, passed on the assignment, suggesting Busiek instead.

In a recent interview at Comic Book Resources, Stern relays the story,

CBR: What brought you back to Marvel?

Stern: Tom Brevoort and Glenn Greenberg. Those two guys were after me for months to write a book for them. They first approached me when they needed a new writer for the "New Warriors," but the book had been around for over four years at that point, and I'd never read it. Then they offered me a new title: "Untold Tales of Spider-Man." I was intrigued by the idea, but told them that I thought Kurt Busiek would be a better choice, as he'd already researched that era for Marvels.

I wonder how the series would have gone had it been Stern instead of Busiek. If anyone COULD live up to the quality work that Busiek did on that title, it probably WOULD be Stern, who had (as mentioned earlier) a part in getting Busiek's Jean Grey idea to Marvel. See, it (and this entry) has come full circle!

So, that's it for this week, folks!

Feel free to drop off any urban legends you'd like to see featured!!

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