Comic Book Urban Legends Revealed #174


Reader Jonathan Nathan suggested this one, and yes, apparently Chris Claremont and Rick Leonardi began work on a Phoenix mini-series spun out of Uncanny X-Men that was canceled after pages were already finished!

Here are some of those pages, courtesy of super fan Dennis Pu and Comicartfans.com!

Some pretty impressive work by Leonardi, no?

The mini was going to explore the relationship Rachel had with Franklin Richards in the future - said relationship was later explored by Chris Claremont in the Annual crossover Days of Future Present.

According to Joe Quesada (in his Joe Fridays column at Newsarama), Rick Leonardi recalled the reasons behind the series falling apart thusly:

The going logic at the time was that it got too complicated with past/present/future continuity and was subsequently shelved with I believe less than an issue having been penciled. That's the whole story, folks, wish I had better news to report but it seems that this project was no where near completion before it was killed

I would imagine that the series was most likely put off and then when Excalibur was developed in 1987, Phoenix was decided to be part of that, and therefore her mini-series was not a priority.

In an amusing set of circumstances, Claremont and Leonardi had ANOTHER comic project featuring Phoenix canceled!

In 1991, Claremont and Leonardi were going to do an Excalibur Special Edition featuring Shadowcat and Phoenix. Then Claremont left Marvel and the special was canceled.

Eight years later, after Claremont had returned to Marvel, THIS story was at least published, now in mini-series form as X-Men: True Friends.

That's nice to see.

Super duper thanks to both Dennis Pu and Comicartfans.com! And thanks to my X-Board pal, Beast, for getting the information from Quesada! And, of course, thanks to Jonathan Nathan for the suggestion!

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