Comic Book Urban Legends Revealed #172


Snapper Carr was with the Justice League of America from their very beginning, when they were hanging out in Habby Harbor.

He was the League's mascot for a number of years.

That ended in 1969 when Snapper betrayed the League (he wasn't exactly appearing in a lot of stories anyways at the time)...

For the next decade plus, Snapper made extremely rare appearances in DC Comics, but in one of them, they finally addressed something odd - no one had ever actually given Snapper's real name!!

So in Superman Family #195, in the Supergirl story in the issue (where Snapper had been appearing for a few issues), Jack C. Harris was tasked by Julie Schwartz to come up with a name for Snapper.

This being the late 70s and Harris being a comic book writer, he decided to pay homage to George Lucas, of Star Wars fame.

So from then on, it was Lucas "Snapper" Carr.

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