Comic Book Urban Legends Revealed #171

STATUS: Basically False

Doug Moench and Paul Gulacy's run on Master of Kung Fu is rightfully hailed as a classic (it made the Top 100 Comic Book Runs, as voted on by Comics Should Be Good readers!).

However, were they ever going to work together on another classic character, Michael Moorcock's Elric?

Reader Rob sent in the following a month or so ago...

Doug Moench and Paul Gulacy were once lined up to do an Elric Series for Marvel.

Though I seem to have misplaced the comic in question, I remember reading a response to a letter in the lettercolumn of MASTER OF KUNG-FU #34 (Nov '75) in which whoever put the column together announced that this would be happening soon. Obviously, it never did but given that Elric had appeared in Marvel's CONAN comic a few years earlier, this certainly made sense. So did this get no further than that one announcement or do never-published pages exist somewhere?

I asked Paul Gulacy about it, and he was gracious enough to tell me that while the idea was bandied around, it never actually got to the point of being authorized, so no, he never did any pages for it.

I say "Basically False" because there is a fine line between "it is lined up and it will be happening soon" and "the idea was bandied about" - there's not much difference, is there?

Gulacy was kind enough to point me to a pin-up of Elric he did for Jim Steranko's Mediascene magazine.

And thanks to Job B. Cooke and Comic Book Artist, here is that pin-up!

Well, that was one of the more straightforward answers to a legend, no?

Elric did, by the way, end up making his way to comics for many different companies.

Thanks to Rob for the suggestion, Paul Gulacy for the answer and Jon B. Cooke and Comic Book Artist for the pin-up!

Okay, that's it for this week!

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