Comic Book Urban Legends Revealed #171

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COMIC URBAN LEGEND: An artist stopped working on his comics without informing anyone, including the editors on the books he was drawing.


Malaysian artist Mahathir Buang (who went by the name Milx - originally meant to be Milk but he felt Milx sounded cooler) had a quick rise in the comics world in 2002, when he was in his mid-20s.

After working on a pitch for Marvel's Epic line of comics with Steve Niles, Milx quickly found himself offered a gig drawing a brand new Silver Surfer series for Marvel Comics!

Not only that, but he was simultaneously working on a bi-monthly series for IDW with Niles called Wake the Dead!

Milx was on the way up, and finished the first issue of both series with no problem, even though he himself noted that inking himself on Silver Surfer could have been a problem.

Then he hit a bit of a snag....he more or less vanished.

Eventually, without being able to contact the guy, both Marvel and IDW moved on with other artists. In IDW's case, since the book had not come out at the time, they were able to avoid delays. Marvel, however, had the second issue of the Silver Surfer series delayed by two months due to the change in artists (Lan Medina took over, and did a heck of a job, really).

Eventually, Milx resurfaced with a letter written to Tom Brevoort at Marvel, Jeff Mariotte at IDW, Steve Niles and the writing team of Silver Surfer, Stacy Weiss & Dan Chariton....

First of all, I apologize for my unnecessary action of shutting down and running away from my responsibility. My action had affected everything, the project, others reputation and badly, myself. And by saying sorry over and over again won't do any good at this moment.

It's should have been smooth ride for me, but due to my greediness and over confident in tackling tasks in hands had lead me into this. People have been put their trust to me, and I wasted them away. A perfect mirror of my life. I run away when ever there's a breakdown facing me. Especially, to Steve Niles, the man that gives everything to me, chances and trust.

The very reason I wrote this is, I don't want to run away anymore. I going to face the consequences of the action that I made. I know that, from now on, nobody going to trust me or even pitch me a project but let me settle everything up. Sadly my life end up this way.

Tom: I know I have a contract with Marvel, and I blew the contract. Is there any legal action will be taken on me? If there is, I here to face it. I'm truly sorry for what I've done. It's a mess, and I'll clean it up.

Dan & Stacy: Sorry guys, for messing everything up. Truly I am, hope to see Silver Surfer flying with you guys in it.

Jeff: I know Wake the Dead is over for me. I regret it a lot. I'll return the unused art board ASAP. I can't do much. I'll send the remaining cover of Wake the Dead if you still want to use it. Thanks for your support, and sorry for wasting them.

Steve: I know that you really disappointed in me. I wasted my talent and my life. Right now, I am facing my problems and ready to move forward. Right now, I just want to repair my relationship with you, and I might not get to collaborate with you, but I do need some word of advice. Very least that I can asked.

A feedback from you guys is very much appreciated. Thanks.


Pretty amazing, no?

Niles ended up giving Milx a second chance, and in 2006, Milx drew the 30 Days of Night mini-series, Dead Space.

There were also a bit of a hubbub at the time of his disappearance about whether Milx was the same guy as a person named Mo_o who posted at the Marvel fan fiction site, Marvel 2000. I don't believe I could prove it one way or the other, so I'll just leave it alone.

Still, it's amazing to me that a fellow could just stop drawing his comics like that!

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