Comic Book Urban Legends Revealed #169


Dealing with licensed characters can be tricky, as you not only have to pay for the right to license the characters, you also have to get permission to use likenesses of the actors portraying the characters (usually, this coincides with a payment of some sort).

Awhile back, this led to a bit of an awkward situation with a comic book adaptation of the film, Wild Wild West (itself an adaptation of the 60s TV series of the same name), which starred Will Smith, Kevin Kline, Selma Hayek and Kenneth Branagh (this was the film that had a giant robot spider, which supposedly the producer of the film, Jon Peters, wanted in the Superman film he was producing at the time and when that didn't work out, it ended up in this film, instead).

Chuck Dixon and Scott Beatty were to write the story for DC Comics, and the art was going to be handled by Jackson Guice.

Guice actually had begun drawing the project when word came down that there was a bit of a snag - Will Smith hadn't actually signed off yet on his image being used, and in fact, Smith did NOT sign off on it, so the whole project had to be scuttled!!

It's a shame, because here is a sample page by Guice (click to enlarge) - he really did a nice job drawing Smith (click here for more pages of the comic at Dixon's website).

Thanks to reader Jonathan Nathan for suggesting this one!

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