Comic Book Urban Legends Revealed #164

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Awhile back, I did an installment of Comic Book Urban Legends Revealed that had to do with the difficulties that Peter David had on the Star Trek comic book, and amusingly enough, like strangers in the night, reader Matthew McLean asked me about a story he had heard at just around the same time that Peter David himself was in the comments section telling that very story!

Matt asked:

I heard that paramount was very involved in the comic and had final approval on all stories. So the rumor I heard was that peter submitted a story, and it was rejected. Peter was also the writer of hulk at the time so peter took the same story, and submitted as "David Banner." And the story was approved. Someone at Paramount did not like Peter David. So any truth to that?

Peter wrote:

The fact is that Richard Arnold's notes became increasingly ludicrous, such as shutting down a romantic interest for Kirk by asserting that Kirk was no longer interested in women. We were reaching the point where it was becoming impossible to get stories approved. Richard rejected one story with the assertion that there was "too much violence," even though the violence consisted of a sustained fist fight scene with Kirk (as if they never had those in Trek). As a test, I submitted a script under a fake name which sailed through the approvals process even though it had far more violence than the previous script which was rejected for that reason. When that was approved, I knew that it had nothing to do with the stories and everything to do with Richard's enmity toward me (a far longer story to go into.) At which point I resigned from the book since I felt I could no longer do the job I was hired to do, namely provide stories for DC.

Final kicker: The fake name under which I submitted the story that was approved? "Robert Bruce Banner."

Note that the story Matt heard was SLIGHTLY different (David Banner instead of Robert Bruce Banner), but it is close enough to say that it is true.

Thanks to Matt for the question and thanks, of course, to Peter David for giving us all the great information!

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