Comic Book Urban Legends Revealed #164

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Let's begin!

COMIC URBAN LEGEND: A female character's genitalia was exposed in an issue of Action Comics.


It's amazing the odd things you find yourself looking for when you do a column like this - for more than a few months now, I've been searching for an old 1970s issue of Action Comics to see if there's a picture of a woman's genitalia inside the comic!

Awhile back, when we were discussing the legend of whether John Byrne surreptitiously drew a penis in an issue of Fantastic Four, reader Jukka Laine wrote:

In Action Comics # 432, the Human Target story: The secretary Deedee is tied up, and her vagina is visible.

Just recently, I was finally able to get the issue in question, and I have to say that I do not believe it.

Here is the panel in question, from the story by Len Wein and artwork by Dick Giordano, where the secretary Deedee is tied up in her negligee (click to enlarge):

I just don't see anything untoward about that panel, unless you just wish to note that it is a bit cheezy that she's in her negligee for the panel.

Otherwise, her vagina is not visible in that picture.

You could make some sort of case for saying that the shadows are showing perhaps an imprint of the basic shape of her Mons Veneris (I wouldn't buy it, but you could at least make a case), but that's not nearly the same thing as "her vagina is visible."

So I'm going with false on this one.

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