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Comic Book Urban Legends Revealed #16!

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Comic Book Urban Legends Revealed #16!

This is the sweet sixteenth in a series of examinations of comic book urban legends and whether they are true or false. Click here for an archive of the previous fifteen.

Let’s begin!

COMIC URBAN LEGEND: Steve Skeates reworked an unused issue of Aquaman as an issue of another comic for ANOTHER company – TWICE!


Pretty remarkable, eh?

The last issue of Aquaman’s initial comic run wad #56, which was released in 1971, written by Steve Skeates. The issue ended on a cliffhanger – Aquaman had just caused the destruction of an evil satellite when armored guards burst into the control room he was using…and that was IT! No more Aquaman!

However, Steve Skeates was not done there.

I will let John Wells, filling in for Bob “The Answer Man” Rozakis in a column a few years back, fill you all in on the rest:

Skeates created a new aquatic hero for Warren Publishing later in 1971 and eventually recycled his plot for AQUAMAN #57 as “The Once Powerful Prince” in EERIE #40, wherein villains stole the mystic ring that gave Prince Targo his undersea powers. The first Prince Targo script appeared in EERIE #36 (“Prototype”) and the chronologically third was in EERIE #37 (“The Other Side of Atlantis”).

And in 1974, Skeates penned a direct sequel (complete with a shot of an unidentified Aquaman’s finger on the destruct button) that dealt with the consequences of the satellite crashing to Earth. The star of this particular story was Aquaman’s Marvel Comics counterpart, Prince Namor, and the episode appeared in SUB-MARINER #72, itself the final issue of the run!

Sometimes truth really IS stranger than fiction!

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