Comic Book Urban Legends Revealed #158


Frank Miller became a famous comic book creator while working on Daredevil, and after leaving the book for a couple of years, he returned in the mid-80s for one of the best Daredevil stories ever, Born Again, with artist David Mazzucchelli.

The epic storyline ended with #233, and it seemed as though Miller's involvement on the title was over again...

However, Miller actually was planning on one last story before leaving (and the next writer coming in).

The story was to be a two-parter from #235-236 with artwork by the great Walt Simonson, and it was going to guest star Doctor Strange!

Only the first part was written, though, because the story was pushed back on the schedule. Once it was pushed back on the schedule, Miller lost interest a bit, and since the deadline was pushed back, he never finished the second issue's plot and by the time Marvel really wanted the story, Miller had moved on to DC (and later, Dark Horse) and Simonson had begun his run on X-Factor - so it never got made.

How awesome would a Miller/Simonson storyline had been? And featuring Doctor Strange? Poor NeilAlien!!

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