Comic Book Urban Legends Revealed #141

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COMIC URBAN LEGEND: Joe Kelly and Steven Seagle originally planned on killing off Storm.


Writers Joe Kelly and Steven Seagle had a short, yet entertaining, run on the two main X-Titles in the late 90s, but perhaps their most memorable story was one they never got a chance to write.

The pair had planned a major storyline where the X-Men would face off against Magneto, for the fate of the very Earth itself!!

The X-Men were to wake up in a mutant concentration camp, only to discover that it is a demonstration by Magneto of what the world will be like soon if they do not intervene. Eventually, some members of the X-Men would be swayed by Magneto's rhetoric, even after he uses his powers to tilt the world on its axis (and threatens to do even more damage to the planet), so the team would be split over Magneto's war.

Ultimately, Storm would use all her powers to fix the Earth, but would die in the process.

As you might imagine, this story was considered a bit too much for the X-Office to handle, particularly the death of Storm.

Instead, once Kelly and Seagle left the book, a toned down version of this story was written by Alan Davis and Fabian Nicieza (with Magneto clone, Joseph, being the sacrifice instead of Storm - although I believe Joseph might have been a possible casualty in Kelly and Seagle's story, as well).

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