Comic Book Urban Legends Revealed #131

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Let's begin!

COMIC URBAN LEGEND: Marvel was going to publish Star Wars: Dark Empire


More than a few people remember that, in an old issue of Marvel Age, there was an advertisement for a new Marvel Star Wars series - Star Wars: Dark Empire! I thought it was an annual, but Andy Mangels was so kind as to help me out by both pointing out that it was in Marvel Age Special Preview #1 (1990), and to give me the following scan!

Thanks, Andy!

This was in the late 80s, but no such series existed until 1991, when Star Wars: Dark Empire showed up over at Dark Horse, and was a massive success, leading to Dark Horse holding the Star Wars license ever since (one of the most successful licenses in comics history, I might add).

In any event, a reader, Josh, wrote in to ask about the ad, as he remembered seeing it as well, and was curious as to what the deal was. So was I, so I went straight to the horse's mouth, Tom Veitch, writer of Star Wars: Dark Empire, and Tom went way above and beyond the call of duty and told me an epic story of a long time ago, in a comic company far, far away...

Thanks to Jeff for the question, Andy for the scan (and the info) and thanks extremely much to Tom Veitch for his expansive reply. Go buy one of his books!

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