Comic Book Urban Legends Revealed #129

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COMIC URBAN LEGEND: Ladrönn quit Marvel for a time because a Silver Surfer story he was doing was done by a different writer in a Spider-Man title.


Awhile back, in a previous installment of Comic Book Urban Legends Revealed, I discussed how the original Silver Surfer series was going to be re-named the Savage Silver Surfer, but the book was canceled before it could happen.

However, since the last issue ended off with the Surfer being quite angry at humanity, it was a longstanding "Hey, whatever happened to THAT plot point?" thing, and it was eventually explained away in Webspinners #4-6, by Eric Stephenson, Keith Giffen and Andy Smith (Smith originally inked Giffen and then penciled the last issue), which took place after the last issue of Surfer's original series.

The explanation was that Surfer was controlled by the Psychoman.

However, as it turns out, that was not the ONLY comic in the works at Marvel based on the idea of dealing with the ending of the original Surfer series.

Reader Frank Rook wrote in to ask about a proposed mini-series that the great artist Jose Ladrönn had planned, and specifically, the rumor "that Ladrönn and friends were working away at this story, only to learn Giffen & Stephenson were already given the go-ahead to do their own, and responding to the slap in the face, they quit and ceased dealing with Marvel for some time."

I asked Ladrönn about it, and he referred me to Jean-Marc Lofficier, who was going to do the mini-series with Ladrönn, and Lofficier explained to me the following - the project was commissioned by Marvel, scripted (by JM Lofficier), edited and paid for by Marvel, that 5 pages were drawn by Jose, but that it was subsequently canceled in favor of the INHUMANS.

The four pages that Ladrönn finished before the book were canceled can be found on Lofficier's website here. It was going to feature Doctor Strange!!

Lofficier also contributed a great write-up on the series over at the awesome website, The Appendix to the Handbook of the Marvel Universe.

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