Comic Book Urban Legends Revealed #123


Right from his first appearance, the Silver Surfer was a hit with comic readers. Stan Lee wished to give him his own title right away, but sadly, Marvel was not able to expand their line at the time, so he settled for having the Surfer make numerous guest appearances.

Eventually, Marvel was allowed to expand their line of comics, and the Surfer was among the new titles started, although, surprisingly, with Stan Lee writing and John Buscema on art, not Jack Kirby, who created the Silver Surfer.

For whatever reason (probably the high price point), the Surfer did not catch on with the buying public.

Lee had great affinity for the character of the Surfer, though, so tried whatever he could to keep the book going. Eventually, he even brought Kirby on to the book for an issue, a fact that I highly doubt sat well with Kirby (who was reasonably displeased with Lee doing a Surfer book without him).

The issue by Kirby did not even feature a Kirby COVER, but rather, a Herb Trimpe cover. That was because Trimpe was set to be the book's new artist with the next issue, #19, where the book was to be renamed The Savage Silver Surfer.

However, before the issue could see print, the book was canceled due to low sales.

If anyone knows more information about what kind of stories the Savage Silver Surfer were to entail, please let me know!

Amusingly enough, just last year, during the Planet Hulk storyline, the Silver Surfer was involved with Hulk in a gladiator arena - the Surfer's name?

Silver Savage.


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