Comic Book Urban Legends Revealed #122

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Let's begin!

COMIC URBAN LEGEND: The mid-80s Hex revamp of Jonah Hex was not the original plan for the character.


In the mid-80s, Jonah Hex, which started in the late 70s, was drawing to a close.

The last issue came out in 1985...

However, rather than really END, the book instead got a revamp. Hex went from the Old West to the far-off future, in a sort of Mad Max story...

The book lasted an additional 18 issues past its initial cancellation.

The changeover from Jonah Hex to Hex, though, was fairly abrupt, causing some to wonder - was it always intended to be this way?

Was there another change to Hex in the works that was dropped in favor of the Mad Max Hex?

I asked Michael Fleisher about it, and he told me that no, the future Hex story was always what they had in mind, as the book was facing cancellation, and that was the only way they could save the title.

Thanks to Michael Fleisher for the information!!

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