Comic Book Urban Legends Revealed #121

COMIC URBAN LEGEND: Disney sued comic book artist Wally Wood for doing a pornographic poster featuring Disney characters.


As you may or may not know, towards the end of his life, comic book legend Wally Wood was in poor health, and most of the comic work he did right before he committed suicide was mostly stuff that one would consider appropriate for "Tijuana bibles," that is, raunchy versions of notable comic characters.

This was no new thing for Wood, who did, in fact, produce an amusing poster for the zine, The Realist, in 1967, featuring Disney's characters in various states of debauchery.

Don't read any further if you don't want to see the pornographic poster in question!

In any event, contrary to reports I have heard from a few folks, neither Wood nor the Realist were ever sued by Disney over the poster. Most likely, they thought it would do more harm than good, PR-wise.

Disney DID sue, however, a gentleman who later reprinted the poster and put it up for sale as a black light poster. That is probably where the confusion arises.

Thanks to illegal-art.org for the information and the picture!

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