Comic Book Urban Legends Revealed #109


Little Audrey was one of Harvey's most popular characters outside of Casper the Friendly Ghost and Richie Rich, but for years, there have been some fans who have accused Harvey of just ripping off the comic book Little Lulu.

Little Lulu, created by Marjorie Henderson Buell, was a popular comic strip that became an equally popular comic book by Dell (and some darn fine comic books, at that!).

Little Lulu was also featured in a number of cartoons.

Here, though, is where the confusion comes in - Little Audrey was not created by Harvey Comics!!

If there was any attempted shady duplication, it was by Famous Studios, who originally made Little Lulu cartoons during the early 40s, then stopped doing so in 1948 and began instead making Little Audrey cartoons. Whether this was because they were turned down the Little Lulu rights or because they decided they didn't want to pay licensing rights anymore is open to debate.

That is when Little Audrey's comic book debuted.

In fact, Harvey Comics was not even the first comic company to make a Little Audrey comic book!!!

That honor belonged to St. John Comics.

They published Little Audrey for about four years, from the late 40s into the early 50s, when Harvey took over.

Amusingly enough, at the time the change took place, St. John debuted a NEW comic book.

The name?

Little Eva.

The cycle continues....

(Another neat tidbit - nowadays, Lulu and Audrey are both owned by the same company!).

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