Comic Book Urban Legends Revealed #103


Robin MacNeil asked me about this rumor a little while ago, so I went to Beau Smith about it, and as luck would have it, not only was this TRUE, he had JUST written about it at his awesome column he writes for Silver Bullet Comics, Busted Knuckles!!

Beau was gracious enough to allow me to quote liberally from his article (which, again, you can find here) and even show you folks some of the pages from the unseen comic (more pages can be seen at the article, which you can find here - aren't I good plugger?)!! Cool, huh?

Here's what Beau had to say about the comic:

During a recent organizing of the office here at the ranch, I came across tons of stuff that I had in storage. As most of you also know, I rarely throw anything out. Well, I came across the script, plot, and contracts for Wonder Woman vs. Xena: The Princess War Diaries. I also came across Xeroxes of some of Eduardo's rough pencils for the book. So I made some copies and hauled em' to the store signing because folks always ask about this book. It was something everybody was looking forward to. Quick story for that. After the script was done, turned in, approved and paid for, the Xena TV show ended and Dan DiDio came on board at DC. In the huge job of having to oversee everything at DC creative, I got a letter from DC telling me that Dan figured that without the show being on TV and such that there wasn't in their best interest to do the book now. I was disappointed and disagreed. Marketing and business 101 in the comic book direct market will tell you that there IS an audience for Wonder Woman and Xena going toe to toe. TV show or not. I was also told by one of the editors that Dan wasn't a fan of humor with their icon heroes. Wonder Woman being one of em'. Just so you'll know, the whole point of writing this script was to have it be like one of the light hearted episodes of Xena that Sam Rami and the cast pulled off so very well. As y'all know, I am a huge believer in having a sense of natural humor in characters... all characters. It's what makes them real and most importantly, an emotional investment to the reader. I never blamed Dan. If anything he had my pity. Coming in he had a hell of a job to do. From the looks of DC it looks like he is doing things right.

The fate of the book was out of my hands. After all, I had been paid and it was their sandbox and their toys. So in the last five years or so it has become one of those projects that is always brought up and always asked about. The same thing happens in films that were almost made and music that was almost cut. (The Beach Boys "Smile" Album) Eduardo and I moved on. In fact, I think that was the last project I've done for DC after working for them 5 to 6 years.

Beau then proceeds to post some script pages from the comic. You can read them here.

Here, though, are a couple of pages from the artist on the comic, the great Eduardo Barreto (click on the pages to enlarge).

Pretty neat, eh?

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