Comic Book Urban Legends Revealed #103

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Let's begin!

COMIC URBAN LEGEND: Orson Welles was planning on doing a Batman film in the 1940s.


This is a fun one to debunk, as it is an urban legend that Comic Book Resources personally helped create.

Back in 2003, comic writer Mark Millar wrote a column for Comic Book Resources titled, creatively enough, "The Column."

Millar would talk about various comic-related topics, and in his final column for CBR, he detailed the story of the proposed Batman film Orson Welles was planning in 1946.

The column is collected here.

Millar was kind enough to even supply design sketches by Welles from 1946 (click on the image to enlarge).

It's a grand story, but, of course, it was also a hoax.

Much like Orson Welles' very own War of the Worlds story, Millar perpetuated a hoax on all us folks out there (or, as Welles' Harry Lime would call us - "the suckers and the mugs").

Still, it is neat to think of how cool that movie WOULD have been!

CBR head honcho has more info to share with us about the hoax:

A little more on the Orson Welles hoax, that art is actually drawn by Millar's good friend Bryan Hitch. In order to help give it a more rough look, instead of scanning Hitch's sketch, Millar faxed it to me and then I scanned the fax, loosing a couple of generations of quality right there. It helped bring a more "authentic" look to it all. And as Millar's final column on CBR, it was his most popular by far.

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