Comic Book Urban Legends Revealed #102

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Let's begin!

COMIC URBAN LEGEND: Marvel came out with a Broadway musical starring Captain America.


A good deal of people have asked me about the Captain America musical. Too many for me to remember all their names, but the most recent were Mike Johnson, David Stevens and Jeff Watson.

In any event, with the recent announcement of production beginning on a Spider-Man musical (with words and music from Bono and the Edge, of all people!), I thought now would be a great time to address this one.

Doing a musical based on a comic book character is not exactly the most unique of ideas.

In 1966, there was a musical released based on Superman titled "It's a bird It's a Plane It's Superman".

Needless to say, the production was not a great success (although almost a decade later, it appeared on television!!).

In the mid-80s, most Marvel Comics included the following ad (scan courtesy of Retrojunk):

The New York Times reported at the time that the music and words were being done by Mel Mandel and Norman Sachs.

Did the production ever open, though?

For the lowdown, I went to the guru of all things Marvel, Tom Brevoort, who explained to me that the plot of the musical was to involve a little girl and a 60-year-old Captain America. The contest was presumably a key part of the marketing of the play (similar to the recent NBC program that had the contest for who would star in the revival of Grease), and Brevoort explained that the production fell apart quickly.

So, sadly, we never got to see a 60-year-old Captain America dance with a little girl on stage.

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