Comic Book Urban Legends Revealed #1

So, the other week, I had a post about "Paternalistic Continuity." In it, I made mention about Walt Simonson having a list of which appearances of Doom were actual, and which were Doombots.

Well, the upshot is, no such list exists.

I had fallen prey to a comic book urban legend.

Well, first off, I'm sorry about that. Poor form on my part (you'd think I would have at LEAST had an "ass-covering" line like "I believe that..." or "I heard that...").

In any event, while this is a break from the standard type of post here at Comics Should Be Good, I figure it would be a nice idea for a new regular thing - debunking (or confirming) comic book urban legends!!!

Sorta like Snopes, but for comic books!!

Let's begin!!

COMIC URBAN LEGEND: Jim Shooter wrote comic books when he was 14 years old.


Future Marvel Editor-in-chief Jim Shooter began writing comics in 1966 when he sent in a story proposal to Legion of Superheroes' editior Mort Weisinger at the age of 14.

Adventure Comics #346, cover-dated July 1966, marked the first comic work (writing AND pencilling the issue) of Jim Shooter, still 14 years old.

The interesting thing to note is that Shooter was not even the ONLY teenager working at DC regularly at the time.

That same year, Mort Weisinger purchased a story by 17 year old Cary Bates. Weisinger had already used a cover idea sent in by Bates that Bates had done three years earlier.

According to Bates, "And I started doing covers, drawing up ideas. I sent them to Mort Weisinger, and the first that he used featured Luthor and Brainiac snarling at Superman, six inches high, suspended in a cage. I sent that one in sometime in 1963 and he used it later."

Presumably, he is referring to this cover, cover-dated February 1964...

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