Comic Book Urban Legends Minutiae

Two fairly quick points...

1. Recently, I've been hearing some doubt on the veracity of the Steve Ditko cutting board story (Urban Legends Revealed #17). Greg Theakston contacted me about it awhile back, and I'm totally cool with it as a true story.

2. Someone asked me about this the other day, and I figured it was interesting enough to pose it to y'all. Would you like me to feature "Undetermined" Urban Legends as well? I think literally about half of Snopes' Urban Legend features end up as "Undetermined." So would you like me to do more of those types of Urban Legends? I have plenty of "undetermined" ones lying around that I do not think I have enough to make a good faith claim of true or false, so if people would like me to use them, I don't have any real problem with using them. Personally, I think it sorta defeats the purpose of the feature, but I guess I can see how it might be useful if someone responds to the "undetermined" ones with proof one way or the other. So, since I don't have a strong feeling either way, I'm opening it up to you folks.

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