Comic Book Urban Legends Addendum

Awhile back, I featured an installment that had as one of the legends Peter Gillis' Strikeforce: Morituri, and whether it was planned as one of the New Universe titles at first.

I said false, because it was always planned as a stand-alone title.

However, Carl Potts has an interesting piece up today on his blog (click here to read it) where he explains that the original premise of the New Universe was similar to say, how Vertigo runs, where it is a line of comics in name only - the titles within would not interact, and that Strikeforce: Morituri WAS one of the comics planned for that line.

Marvel head honcho Jim Shooter soon changed his mind and made it a shared universe, and at that point, Strikeforce: Morituri was out of the New Universe, and it was never part of the New Universe as we know the term now, but for one shining moment, it WAS part of A New Universe.

Thanks a lot for the info, Carl Potts!

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