2018 Top 50 Comic Book Writers #3-1

Our every four years countdown of your all-time favorite comic book writers and artists concludes!

Here are the final three writers that you voted as your favorites of all-time (out of roughly 1,008 ballots cast, with 10 points for first place votes, 9 points for second place votes, etc.).

3. Stan Lee – 2,954 points (179 first place votes)

Stan Lee started working for Timely Comics in the early 1940s, ultimately becoming Editor-in-Chief, a title he would hold for the next thirty years (not counting a brief stint in the military during World War II).

Lee practically was a one-man writing crew for Timely Comics during the 1950s, when they changed their name to Atlas Comics. By the 1960s, he and his skeletal crew of artists had devised a fairly novel way of writing comics. Lee would come up with a plot and talk it over with the artist - the artist would draw the story based on the plot and then Lee would script over the drawings. That was the process put in place when the company became known as Marvel Comics, and Lee wrote a few comic books that you might have heard of (working with artists you might have heard of like Jack Kirby and Steve Ditko).

Like the return of Captain America (with Jack Kirby)...

How much of a stunning example of Captain America's coolness is that? He wakes up twenty years in the future and he basically just has a quick freak out and then he pulls a Fonzie and suddenly he's totally calm.

Then, for good measure, he's like, "Hey, bunch of powerful looking folks I just met, I bet I can kick all of your asses." And then he pretty much DOES JUST THAT!

So amazing.

Lee's greatest strength, in general, was the way that he was able to find the humanity in his characters. Like the classic "This Man, This Monster" with Jack Kirby and Joe Sinnott, where a villainous scientist impersonates the Thing to kill Reed Richards, but he is so impressed by Reed's heroism that he redeems himself...

Plus, in Amazing Spider-Man #18 (by Lee and Steve Ditko), Spider-Man quits but then realizes that he can't stay away from his sense of responsibility...

And those are just two of the most famous comics scripted by Stan Lee! He scripted a TON of other classic Marvel Comics, which makes sense, since he scripted pretty much every other Marvel Comic until 1966 or so and even then he continued on the books he really wanted to write (Spider-Man and Fantastic Four) into the 1970s. He continued to oversee the direction of Marvel Comics for a number of years after that. Since the late 1970s, Lee was more involved in other aspects of the entertainment business (most notably Marvel Animation and TV projects), but he still found the time to write a ton of comics over the years. Right up until his death this year, Lee still found a way to still write comic books, even as he got more and more popular to the mainstream public for his cameos in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

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