Top 50 Comic Book One-Shots: #40-36

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40. "Terror in a Tiny Town" Fantastic Four #236 (1981)

John Byrne celebrated the Fantastic Four's 20th anniversary with one of the great villain gambits in comic book history. The heroes awoke in a seemingly perfect world, only things were slightly off, including Reed Richards' academic pursuits as a researcher kept getting thwarted by his jerk boss. Meanwhile, the various characters kept being haunted by dreams where they were superheroes.

Finally, Reed Richards figures out the truth. This is all some elaborate plot and the reveal of who is behind it is one of the great villain reveals of all-time (doubly so because it is an homage to some of Jack Kirby's figurative work from the past, only here, Doom actually IS much bigger than the FF!).

It is a rare treat for an anniversary issue to be this strong (although there are at least two more on the list).

39. "Last Night" Marvel Fanfare #15 (1984)

This was part of Barry Windsor- Smith's dramatic return to comics in the mid-1980s. He surprised everyone by writing and drawing a classic comedic story about the Thing and the Human Torch trading pranks on April Fool's Day...

Or IS it April Fool's Day?

38. The Amazing Screw-On Head #1 (2002)

Mike Mignola took a quick break from Hellboy in 2002 to write the delightfully bizarre adventure one-shot, The Amazing Screw-On Head, who is an operative working for President Abraham Lincoln. He has to hunt down his arch-nemesis, Emperor Zombie (who used to be a brilliant scientist - which leads to Head's very practical theory that all geniuses should agree to be cremated when they die so that nobody can turn them into zombies later on).

Mignola really gets into the absurdist action story here...

It is a delight to see Mignola's brilliant artwork applied to such a light and goofy tale.

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