Top 50 Comic Book One-Shots: #15-11

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15. "Silent Interlude" G.I. Joe, A Real American Hero #21 (1984)

Regular G.I. Joe writer Larry Hama dazzled a generation of fans with this one-off issue that Hama also penciled (with finishes by Steve Leialoha). The concept was that Scarlett was captured by Cobra and was being held chained up in a remote castle that was supposedly impenetrable and Snake Eyes shows up to save her. However, the issue was done without dialogue.

For such a popular series with a young audience, having a silent issue was a major shock and blew the minds of a number of young readers.

The action is taut and Hama even manages to add in a bunch of intriguing character work to the silent issue, like the shocking revelation that Snake Eyes and Storm Shadow have some shared past...

It is not overselling it to say that this issue changed the direction of G.I. Joe comics (and G.I. Joe the property as a whole) forever. The cover was also brilliant (Ed Hannigan and Klaus Janson drew it).

14. "In Mortal Combat With...the Sub-Mariner" Daredevil #7 (1965)

This epic Wallace Wood and Stan Lee joint sees Namor, the Sub-Mariner, decide to sue the human race for their treatment of Namor’s people. Namor is arrested as soon as he shows himself, but Matt agrees to represent him and has Namor agree to stay in prison while the case is being settled. However, the evil Attuma is using Namor’s absence to take over control of Atlantis. So Namor can’t stick around. The United States military tries to keep him in New York City, but that is not going to go well. Daredevil figures that only he can prevent a massive battle in New York City will only hurt innocents, so he decides that the only way to save lives is for him to fight Namor and force Namor to retreat away from the city. Sadly for Daredevil, this is Namor we’re talking about here, so he has no chance of defeating him. But in classic Marvel underdog fashion, Daredevil keeps at it, earning Namor’s respect…

What an amazing sequence.

13. "Ramadan" Sandman #50 (1993)

In this beautiful tragedy by Neil Gaiman and P. Craig Russell, Caliph Haroun Al Raschid is the King of Baghdad, which is a city filled with the greatest of wonders, which Haroun shows to Morpheus when he summons Dream to his world...

However, the King knows that his world is not meant to last forever. He knows that eventually the sands will take it and his time will be forgotten. So he decides to enlist Dream's help in making sure that this wonderous city lasts forever. Of course, this being a tragedy, the method in which the city's wonders are preserved is not going to be what Haroun expects.

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